Orange Cat Breeds

Tabby cats are loved and have a distinctive orange color. For instance, the popular Garfield is a favorite to many who love a redhead cat. The tabby cat is not a cat breed but it is a cat with regular coat markings.

In addition, we have various cat breeds that have the orange color, for instance, the Maine coon, Bengal, British shorthair, Persians, Abyssinian, American Bobtails, Scottish fold, and Munchkin, etc. Not only, are they a darling to many people but also look adorable.

Additionally, apart from being known as tabby cats, they are also known as marmalade cats or ginger cats.

In the tabby cat world, we have orange tabby cats as well as black tabby cats which isn’t our focus today. Even so, 80 % of the orange tabby cats are male due to genetics.

Why Orange Cat Breeds have Different Colour Hue

The availability of orange coat color in many cat breeds can be confusing but many cat owners are able to tell the difference of the markings in different tabby cats.

Different Orange Colour Hues

Particularly, the striped pattern, classic pattern, ticked pattern, and mackerel pattern.

The orange cats have different personalities and characteristics. Moreover, if you are a lover of these unique tabby cats that come with ginger or orange color you have many cat breeds to choose from. For example, these orange color coat marks make them look like small tigers or lions but still domesticated.

The presence of Pheomelanin is predominant in other cats causing the orange pigmentation in their coat. Notably, this is the same pigmentation that causes red hair in Humans.

Characteristics of Orange Cat breeds

  • To start with we have some that are longhaired while others are shorthaired, for example, warm-toned Bengal is shorthaired.
  • They are adorable and stand out from the rest of the kittens with their warm orange color.
  • Friendly, great pets with a laid-back attitude.
  • Not all tabby cats have the same color shade, some have variations of orange, reddish, or cream color hue.
  • Without a doubt, they have an “M” marking fur on their forehead.
  • Have a big appetite and need a proper diet to avoid obesity, diabetes, and joint issues.
  • Have a bubbly and friendly attitude and have been used as cartoon characters like Puss in boots, Milo, and Garfield among others.
  • Known to have low energy hence exercise, a game of fetch should be encouraged to keep their weight in check.
  • Make good lap and snuggle buddies due to their laid-back attitude hence give daily exercises.
  • Have different unique personalities as they are different cat breeds, for example, they can be reserved, playful, outgoing to danger obsessed.

Cat Breeds with Orange Hues


Abyssinian has an elegant and graceful appearance and it is one of the oldest known cat breeds. Not only is it short-haired but also popular with many, loved and are low maintenance.

Also, it is believed to have originated from Egypt or Ethiopia. If you love a friendly orange cat breed with a unique spirit this is a good choice to take home.

The cat loves sunshine and will be found at the window sill or porch enjoying the sunrays. Besides that, they are active and can be trained to do tricks, fast and agile, and tend to be helpful around the home.

American Bobtail

This cat breed will light up your home as it is playful, energetic, and loves to bond easily.

American Bobtail will need regular brushing as it is long-haired and has a unique bobbed tail.


Easy to spot as it looks like a small leopard or jaguar. Comes from a hybrid of Asian leopard and domesticated cats producing adorable kittens with leopard-like spots with an orange base.

Being playful and energetic, Bengals need a bigger area to play and use up their energy. When taking them for a walk ensure to put on a leash to avoid them dashing off.  Furthermore, they are a bit pricey to buy and will need several thousand and a financially prepared owner.

These cats love the interaction and will fit well with the dog in the house if you have one. Subsequently, they have an athletic physique, muscular has a silk and plush coat which is easy to maintain.

British Shorthair

One of the most popular breeds with a round face and fluffy thick coat and stocky body. Besides that, they come in different colors, from orange tabby colors, cream, white, black. Known to make great companions and a worth their price as they do not disappoint.

In matters of grooming keep their thick coat in good maintenance often. Notably, they have big adorable eyes, easy-going and docile, and will try to make friends with ever strangers and other pets.

British shorthair has high physical strength and hunting ability and may hunt most time for their food. Due to the hunting prowess, they are not fearful and do not run away even when the situation is not favorable.

Maine Coon

Compared with the rest of the tabby cats, the Maine coon takes the first spot in the Guinness world record for the world’s longest domesticated cat breed. It has a big heart, is known to be friendly, and is referred to as gentle giants. They fully matured from 3-5 years as they are known to slowly mature.

Easily spotted for their long heavy bushy fur and full tails, and distinctive physical appearance. Can be compared to small dogs due to their big personality. Particularly, Maine coon has orange tabby color or brown.


Munchkins are very social cats and love bonding with their owners. Adorable cats with short legs and a cute furry look. The breed needs room to play and run despite their short legs as they are very active.


If allowed Persians love to sunbathe and outdoor. These long-haired cats have a small muzzle and round face.

Good for families as they are friendly and love their owners.

Generally, the males weigh from 12 pounds onwards while females between 8-12 pounds. The Persian too has different color variations and can have shades of ginger and orange on their coat, white or black.

Final Thought

Whether you are a cat person or not. The distinctive orange hue of tabby cats will make you love these adorable and unique cats.

Lastly, tabby/ginger cats are friendly and will make great companions if you decide to rehome one.