Meet Our New Team Member, Bella!


Here at Buskerscat HQ we have news! Our newest team member has recently joined, beautiful Bella, a five year old tabby and white rescue cat from a local branch of the RSPCA.

bella 1

We have been very excited to introduce her to all of our readers, and she has inspired us with lots of ideas for new posts, given us reason to review all things feline, and filled our lives with fur-baby love and cuddles.

So we thought we’d let her introduce herself…

“Hello friends!

Well there’ll be no more busking for my supper these days, rather I’ll be basking in the sunlit warmth of my new windowsill at Buskerscat HQ. I made enough noise for my new pawrents when they met me at the rescue centre, which was enough to attract their instant love and attention. I give them a little melodic singsong every now and again but it’s just to let them know that I need my ears rubbing or my back scratching and to remind those humans when it’s dinner time.

bella 2

I now have the comfort of a lovely, cosy new home. Being a rescue cat meant living in the cattery for around 6 weeks until I was able to be re-homed. My new pawrents wanted to adopt me with my ex-housemate, but I decided against that and made a bit of a fuss every time we were introduced to each other, until they realised I was going to be the only cat in this house…

My pawrents have set me up on this thing called social media, I now have an Instagram account called @bella_the_moggie. Mum says she’ll be uploading my selfies and pictures of my favourite things, so I hope you’ll take a look and let me know how pretty I am.

Have the purrrrfect day, Bella x”

bella 3

We hope you’ll agree that bringing a new cat or dog home is a really exciting but occasionally slightly nerve wracking time. Buskerscat HQ is home to no less than five young children and so we really hoped that Bella would not be put off by excited hands and voices. Initial introductions at the rescue centre had gone really well, but bringing Bella to a new environment would of course have unsettled her somewhat.

To ensure that Bella’s transition to her new home went smoothly, we did lots of research. We’re looking forward to sharing more about our cat re-homing journey as we go along!

We’re delighted to report that all our preparations paid off because Bella has settled in so well. She is the perfect addition to our larger than life family, incredibly patient with her human siblings, sweet and so loving.

We have already learned so much and are excited for many years together with Bella as part of our family. Look out for upcoming posts as we talk next about how we made the decision on ‘rescue cat vs new kitten’, and our ‘new cat checklist’, as we hope you’ll find them useful. Bella will also be helping us to ensure our product reviews are as well informed as possible – keep a lookout for regular updates!

Thank you RSPCA for blessing us with Bella the moggie 🙂