Keeping Your Pet Cat’s Memory Alive

It is never easy dealing with the loss of a pet. While it is a very sad time for members of the family, there are things you can do to keep your pet cat’s memory alive and help ease the pain of grief, like putting them in an urn. Cat urns can hold the ashes of your beloved feline and serve as a way to keep them close in your home. If you are coping with the loss of a cat, here is how you can pick out a personal cat urn for ashes to keep or scatter in a beautiful ceremony.

Preserve The Memory Of Your Cat

When your feline crosses the rainbow bridge, it can be a difficult time to think of preserving their memory. The sting of loss is hurtful beyond all comprehension, but building a memorial for your cat can serve as a comforting sentiment for the days ahead.

Personalized cat urns for ashes are great items to celebrate the life of your fur baby and serve as a comforting way to say goodbye.

If you do not plan on scattering your cat’s ashes, you can have a pet memorial for your cat in your own home with the help of a pet urn. Pet urns do not only come in brass jars that hold ashes. There is also the option to purchase jewelry such as necklaces or rings that house your cat’s ashes as well you can wear daily as a gentle reminder of their presence.

These beautiful sentimental jewelry pieces serve as heartwarming reminders of your precious feline and are a wonderful way to keep the memory of your pet alive. You will also have the comfort and peace of feeling as if they were still around.



Determine The Size You Need

Cats are smaller animals, and around the same size as other cats, so you should not have to spend a lot of time looking for the right cat urn. However, there are exceptions to finding the right urn for your cat.

Cat cremation urns are measured in cubic inches. To find the right size for your feline, you will need to have their measurements and decide if you will be putting anything else in the urn to serve as a personal memento.

The ashes of your cat do not need to fill the urn all the way to the top. Instead, you can purchase an urn with extra space and big enough to hold the cremation ashes.

The general rule of thumb for finding a cat urn that is perfect for your precious furry family member is to choose an urn that is ten cubic inches more than your pet’s weight. For instance, if your cat weighed 10 pounds, your cat urn should be 20 cubic inches or more.

If you plan to add in a collar or favorite toy that your cat latched onto, you will need to add that in for extra space. Plus, you should consider where you plan to house the urn in your home. Will it go on a mantle, shelf, or table?

Select The Right Material

The material of your pet urn for your cat can vary, and you have the option to select the material that you feel best fits your home, the personality of your cat, and how you would like to celebrate your cat’s memory.

Most pet urns are made out of brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, ceramic, and marble. The material you select for your pet urn is significant in its meaning and for how it will present itself as your animal as a personalized cat urn for ashes.

Brass, bronze, and marble pet urns are great options for keeping the memory of your cat alive since they are elegant in design and can have intricate details such as your cat’s name engraved into the material and more. These options are also very sturdy and durable but hopefully will not have to encounter anything to test its durability unless you scatter the ashes.

These materials can serve as a beautiful, sentimental mantlepiece or table piece for your cat that will surely keep their memory alive in the most heartwarming way.

There are also eco-friendly pet urns that we offer if you plan a burial ceremony with your ashes later on. Eco-friendly pet urn materials consist of recycled paper, clay, wood, plant fibers, and more.

Some eco-friendly urn options are designed to give your outdoor ceremony a graceful exit in water. Some are designed to allow the urn to float in water for a little bit before dissolving sentimentally.

Personalization With Your Urn

A great way to keep your cat’s memory alive with a cat urn is to personalize the material in a significant, symbolic way.

Some personalized cat urns can allow you to include a photo of your cat, which gives you the option to select your favorite picture to paste on the urn as a heartwarming reminder. Some also allow you to choose from different colors, shapes, and designs.

Personalizing your cat’s urn is a great way to celebrate your cat’s life by selecting a visual reminder of your cat’s personality. For example, you could match the urn to the color of the collar they used to wear or the color of a favorite toy.

You could also personalize it further by adding their name and a little phrase to make it unique. You also might have the option to create a custom cat urn to replicate your feline’s uniqueness completely.


Think About Scattering Ashes

If you think you will scatter your cat’s ashes, later on, you will want to select an urn that is highly durable and made of solid material in case there is wind or other weather issues.

Scattering of ashes is an emotional ceremony for celebrating and keeping your cat’s memory alive. If you would like to scatter your pet’s ashes in the future, think of the area where you would like to have this ceremonial tribute. If it’s in a location other than your personal property, make sure you choose an urn that is made out of durable materials to minimize issues you can run into during that day.

If you would like to keep some of the ashes from the scattering ceremony, we could always turn the remaining ashes into gorgeous jewelry pieces for you to wear as a precious forever keepsake.

Keep The Memory Alive

It can be hard to think about the days ahead once you lose a precious pet, which is why having a pet urn can serve as an excellent way to say goodbye to your feline and still hold their memory close to your heart.

Instead of focusing on the grief, try to take this time to celebrate the life and memories you have with your pet and the good times you were able to share with your furry friend. Cat urns can serve as excellent keepsakes.

If you want to celebrate your furry friend, you can check out some of the unique memorial cat urns or personalized pet cremation urns that come in various shapes and sizes that will perfectly match your cat’s personality.