How to Stop Cats from Fouling in your Garden for good

How to Deter Cats from Your Garden?

Cats can do their bathroom business either outside or in a litter box.  Most cat owners are afraid to let their cats roam outside due to dangers like diseases, traffic, wild animals and weather.

Cat Fence Can Deter Cat Entry into The Garden

A litter box is a collection box for faeces and urine for cats, or other pets like rabbits, small pigs, and dogs.  These are essential items for your pet if you do not want to allow them outside to excrete. Keep your home clean and smelling nice with a good litter box.

Some cats may not like to use a litter box due to territorial space with other cats in the house or because of a medical condition like UTI.

If this is so one can train the cat to go outside to do their business. Although after some time this might become a problem with you as you have to clean up the mess outside. The cat may decide to poop everywhere from the house path to your garden making the area outside unclean and smelly.

Cats like to use the garden as their outdoor litter box as it is a well-hidden area, private, clean and attractive.

Naturally, cats like roaming around and might find your garden to fit their place of preference to consider as their toilet.

Cat poop can contaminate the soil with disease hence the worry when they go to your garden to poop.

Why do cats prefer a Garden as a Toilet Area?

  • The garden can be a quiet place which your cat prefers.
  • Cats also love a place with fresh soil, easy to dig up when covering their toilet waste and your garden may fit this.
  • The garden is an attractive and well-covered place that will provide the privacy your cat is looking for.

Regardless we have several ways to prevent cats from pooing in the garden. We will show you ways to use to deter your cat from using your garden as a toilet spot from homemade ways to purchased products.

Ways of Preventing Cat from Pooing in the Garden

1. Odor Repellent

Cats do not like certain smells from vinegar, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, and crushed pepper among other smells.

Crushed pepper can be poured again in the garden in case of rain so as to deter the cat away from there. Particularly it is an effective way to keep cats out of the garden as it irritates the cats.

One can sprinkle the pepper on the ground or on the plants with a spray bottle after mixing with water.  The scent will irritate your cat and repel it.

Some plants give off smells that cats find offensive, such as the scaredy-cat plant (Coleus canina) which you can use in your garden.

Also, you can fence your garden with rosemary which cats hate hence will keep the cat away.

2. Cat Deterrent Devices

  • Use Motion Sensor, Deterrent or Noise

Cats love a quiet place like a garden, hence if you shout at them when you notice he is going to the garden it will stop going there.

Besides you can install a motion sensor that can alarm it when it gets near the garden hence scaring it. These products emit an sound that cats hear and find unpleasant but humans can’t due to the higher frequency. Importantly the devices can be bought and placed on the ground in the garden and when your cat gets close it makes a sound scaring her.

Moreover, you can use a splashing hose placed on the ground which splays water to deter them from going to the garden which can be activated by a motion sensor. Cats do not like getting wet hence will avoid getting near the garden.

3. Nets

  • Use Spike Mats/Chicken Wire

Use Cat Scat Mat to keep Cat away from Garden

Lay down material before landscaping your garden that is hard for the cat to walk on like spike mats and wire mesh (chicken wire). Ensure they are no naked wires pointing out to avoid injuring the cat.

Have holes in it that are large enough for plants to grow.

When you notice your cat is going to poop in the garden, the most effective method is to block access. Use a chicken wire fence or wire cage around your bed, or floating row covers.

These will prevent the cats from digging in the flower beds, it is one of the less expensive methods to keep cats away from the garden.

Cats do not like walking on spiky ground, they prefer the nice fresh soil of the flower beds.  Make your garden beds less inviting with spike mats. These spike mats are soft enough hence will not hurt the cats, but their texture will keep them away.

4. Cat Fence

Cat fences come in different types from:

  • Lattice Fence

Cat owners can use lattice fence to lay on the ground before planting in the garden. The gaps in the lattice fence will deter your cats from roaming into your garden.

  • Low Voltage Wire Fence

An electric fence of low voltage will not harm your cat but will keep her away from the garden. The fences shouldn’t be very high, 10 cm in height is high enough to keep the cat away. This type of fence can be purchased from a hardware or home supply store. One needs to keep children away from the electric fence and install it well.

  • Fence to Act as a Barrier

A fence around the garden needs to be pretty high if you want to keep a cat out, at least 6ft.  Nonetheless to make the garden less attractive plant odour repellent plants, that the cats hate or pour herbs with scents that repel them.

5. Other Homemade Cat Deterrent Methods

  • Plant Rue

Use plants like rue and lavender, pennyroyal, Coleus canina, and lemon thyme as cats dislike them. Plant a few of these throughout the garden their smell, will keep the cat away.

Rue has a strong scent that is known to repel cats. If the cat decides to risk a nibble, he will likely be disgusted by the bitter taste.

  • Mulch the Garden

Cats like digging up fresh soil, mulch your garden and heap the soil on top of the fresh soil. It will make it hard for the cat to dig in and hence give up on the garden. Or you can scatter some pinecones around, which are not nice for a cat to walk on.

  • Use Sticks in the Garden to Confuse the Cat.

Cats mark their territory by urinating and excreting faeces at their selected areas. Hence if the garden is the place your cat is frequenting to poop you need to remove the scents from the garden.

Once you sprinkling cat repellent in the area to remove the scent you can use stick or chicken wire fence to seal the area off.

Use stick and branches inside your garden to act as an obstacle and space them out a few inches(10 inches) from each other. These will confuse the cat which in turn will avoid the garden.

The idea is to put them at close enough intervals so kitty has a hard time turning around.

  • Make an Outdoor Litter Box

Get a litter box that is attractive to your cat and keep it outside, it can be a sandbox. You can place catnip or mint inside to attract your cat there and keep her off your garden.

Alternatively, a cat catio can do the trick as it can be one of her favourite place to rest and do her toilet business outside.