How to Remove Cat Urine from Carpet?

We all desire to have a pet in our lifetime, be it a dog or cat. These small adorable cute companions love to cuddle and snuggle around our legs but can be annoying too.

When the cat decides to become mischievous and urinates on the carpet instead of using the litter box, it might be challenging and one will need a lot of patience.

What Causes the Cat to Urinate Everywhere?

A cat can decide to urinate on the carpet due to mischief, when sickly, not well trained, or is tired of their dirty litter. Moreover, cats look for corners and hidden areas to urinate on the carpet.

Cat urine can make the house unbearable as the odor is strong and lingering. When you notice this you can open the windows, try to find the places where the cat is urinating and clean, use air fresher as well remove the pungent smell.

Separation anxiety, sickness, lack of toilet training, marking territories, hating the litter box can be some of the reasons why your cat can urinating on the carpet. Unlike humans, cats may drink fewer amounts of water hence their urine is concentrated and smelly.

Importantly it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact place that your cat has urinated. They are various methods one can use to check for cat urine on the carpet.

Why Do Cats Urinate on Carpet and Other Surfaces?

Cats can urinate on undesignated places due to lack of training, defiance, not liking their litter box, sick, or just mischievous. It may be hard to get the exact spot where the cat has urinated indoors.

Firstly, look at all corners of the carpet or along the edge where the cat could have urinated. If you find an area wet definitely, that is the area the cat is urinating on.

Toilet training in pets is important and will save you headaches in such scenarios. Although, even trained cats can sometimes act defiant and urinate on the carpet.

Some cats are known to mark their territories by spraying. Female cats will urinate to signal the male cat that she is on heat while male cats can spray an area when neutered to mark their territory.

Ensure to keep the cat litter box clean as a dirty litter may be a turn-off for the cat leading to him relieving himself at undesignated areas. Unquestionably, if you have multiple cats at home have many litter boxes for them to avoid sharing one.

Methods used to Identify and Remove Cat Urine from Carpet

Without a doubt, one can use a black light when the light is off to check for cat urine spots on the carpet. Shine the handheld black light which has ultraviolet rays and if you see a glow on the carpet make those areas and clean after you switch on the lights.

Clearly, it might be impossible to eliminate the cat urine odor using one method.

Alongside that, Go on your knees and sniff the carpet to get the exact spot where the cat has urinated and clean it.

The cat urine lingers for so long on the carpet as it goes through numerous materials from the carpet itself, carpet backing/pad, and subfloor. Not only, does it become harder to remove the cat urine on the carpet but also increase the odor as it continues to saturate in the carpet due to the numerous layers the urine goes through.

Subsequently, it may be hard to eliminate the urine odor after it has seeped into the carpet and dried. One mistake people make is to clean the stain on top and leave the inside area where the urine passed through. When using a cleaning solution or spray gun to remove the cat urine stain, pour it at the spot so that it saturates into all layers. Despite this, it may be hard to remove all the urine odor on the carpet at one go.

The cat urine has high levels of uric acid and proteins producing the strong pungent odor that lingers on the carpet even when the urine dries up.

Undoubtedly, the cat urine is concentrated and is acidic but when it dries it forms crystals that become alkaline and causes a strong urine smell.

Home Remedy Solutions

It is easy to deal with a fresh cat urine stain instead of waiting for it to dry. We have several home remedies solutions and commercial methods that can be used to remove cat urine stains and odor. For instance, vinegar, baking soda, club soda, and hydrogen peroxide.

Pour the solution on the fresh spot and sponge with a clean old towel or use a dry/wet vacuum cleaner. On the other hand, do not use a steam cleaner as it may set the stain.

Moreover, test the solutions, for example, hydrogen peroxide, before using them on the carpet to avoid further staining, bleaching, or corrosion due to the chemicals in the products. One can test on a hidden spot in case the solution has a negative effect.

Common Natural Method of Treatment

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Vinegar is an acid and can be used to neutralize cat urine which is alkaline when dry. Nevertheless, vinegar has a strong smell and can linger around for a few days, but in the end, it ceases to smell and eliminates the cat urine smell too.

Also, spray the spot with a mixture of water and vinegar, and when dry, sprinkle baking soda on the spot. The baking soda will neutralize the odor due to the sodium bicarbonate component in it. This method may not be as effective in cleaning the cat’s urine.

Club Soda

This is a good home product that can be used to clean the carpet immediately. Removing the cat smell can be challenging. Sometimes a cat owner may use an air freshener and fragrance to try to remove the pungent smell of cat urine completely.

To start with, after identifying the carpet area where the cat has urinated on, use a cloth to absorb as much urine as you can, then scrub the area thoroughly with club soda and let it dry a bit.

Following this, sprinkle baking soda on the spot and let it sit for 10-15 minutes to remove the odor.  Lastly, vacuum the area gently and open the windows to let in the fresh air.

Club soda comes in handy for many households as it is used alongside other entertainment drinks. Even so, if you spray the spot and notice the urine stain and smell is still there, pour the solution into the spot affected and let it seep in then air the carpet outside.

Hydrogen Peroxide

To prevent your cat from returning to the place it urinated on the carpet, try to remove the smell completely. Cats can be using your carpet for bathroom business due to various reasons ranging from a dirty litter box, being sick, marking off his/her territory to name a few.

Cats have a high sense of smell and when they urinate on the carpet the urine will seep into the carpet pad and the smell may linger for many days if not cleaned.

Start by getting the exact spot where the cat has urinated on the carpet and pour hydrogen peroxide on that area. Let it sit for 5 minutes and repeat the procedure again.

Hydrogen peroxide has a 30% oxidizing factor and will eliminate ammonia smell in the cat urine. Nonetheless, take into consideration that hydrogen peroxide can cause discoloration and it is good to test in a neutral place before using it on your carpet.

Commercial Product for Cat Urine Treatment

Enzyme Cleaner

You can buy an enzyme cleaner and pour it on the stain or spot where the cat urinated.  Cat experts may recommend enzyme cleaners as most are formulated for pet urine stains.

Not only, will the enzyme cleaner break down the proteins in the cat urine but may stop the cat from marking the area again, eliminating the problem.

Moreover, the enzyme cleaner breakup the ammonia and carbon dioxide in the urea promptly which is found in cat urine.


When trying to eliminate the cat urine smell on your carpet avoid products with ammonia, as the cat will be attracted to that place more. Ammonia is one component of cat urine hence the cat will be attract to go there more.

If you are not sure which products to use to remove cat urine stain and smell don’t go for products that can be dangerous to your pet hence consult your vet.

Also, try to clean the cat urine on the carpet immediately you notice it before it dries off.

Avoid house cleaning detergents that can be dangerous around your pet due to the chemicals used. These detergents may poison your cat or other house pets.

To be safe buy and use products formulated to remove cat urine stain or odor.

Lastly, if you cannot do it yourself get professional cleaner to clean the carpet and remove the cat urine stain and smell.