How to Make Your Cat Comfortable in the Hot Weather

Exciting activities happen during summer and for me it used to mean relaxing days laying out by the pool – but with other family members I bet, you’re now more concerned about your pet’s and family safety in the heat.

It can be hard sometime if precautions are not taken as exposing your cats’ fur covered body to hot conditions could lead to a painful sunburn or to heatstroke, a serious affliction characterized by a high fever and rapid breathing.

If you are in a hot area and want to move in a more elaborate hot weather area your cat will still feel the heat and might need some cooling off to adjust, remember even your cat is vulnerable and precautions should be taken. To pick the right things to do to help your cat cool off you need to understand heat effect on your cat. Try to keep your cat indoor as the worst time for her to be outdoors is between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when the sun is extremely hot and does the most harm to her fur coat.

To make sure your feline friend stays cool and protected during the long, hot weather days, check out our survival guide.

Ensure to Provide Good Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Your cat is your baby, which is why when it’s hot you should never leave her in a hot room, parked car or a poor ventilated room. Note, even a few minutes could cause her temperature rise and in extreme cases can be life threatening. Small spaces can make a pet hot and bothered within a matter of minutes. One way to keep your pet comfortable is keep her cool by wiping her with a wet cloth occasionally.

Keep your Cat Hydrated

Your cat can be losing precious fluids to perspiration in hot weather. Among the symptoms to watch out for are dry coat, skin that’s warm to touch, rapid breathing, and restlessness, bored face these are all signs of dehydration. Get a water fountain and keep your cat hydrated.

Keep Him Indoor or Under a Shade

Adventurous time are memorable time but be safe and when you arrive at the beach or the park, look for a protected spot, such as under a tree, an umbrella, or a canopy to keep him covered. You can also get one of those tent made of fabric treated to block the sun’s harmful rays to protect you and your pet when outdoor during hot weather.  To be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside and get plenty of cool air get one with mesh sides for proper ventilation.  In case of heat stroke keep your cat in a cool, well-ventilated room to cool him down.

Avoid Contained Places Outdoor

If you are on a road trip or in a car travelling in the hot weather with your cat ensure it is well ventilated to avoid heatstroke, as it occurs when the body can no longer cool itself and starts to overheat. They are circumstances the temperature can go as high as 40 degrees and can cause organ failure, brain damage or death if not curbed in time. Keep your cat in cool or a shady place if outdoor and well hydrated by giving water for drinking and do not leave her inside the car when parked. If you have to keep the car cool use air conditioner or open the windows. Also travel when it’s cool like in the wee hours of the morning before 10am or late in the evenings from 5pm.

Tips On Addressing Your Concerns.

Concerns about your cat’s safety in the heat have been addressed above. To make sure your feline friend stays cool and protected during the long, hot weather adhere to the listed tips above and avoid the heat as much as possible, as your cats’ body can have a harder time cooling off.

Every move you take can save or cause your cat’s life remember even a few minutes could cause his temperature to spike and, in extreme cases, may lead to death if not handled in time. Most important keep your cat cool and protected from the harmful rays of the sun and hot air.