How To Keep Your Cat Comfortable During Cold Weather

It’s cold outside and the best thing is to keep your feline friend indoor and ensure she is warm enough for her comfort. Cats love a warm cozy place to take a nap or near the window where the sunrays comes into the room. Mostly you will find your cat curled up in her warm blanket or with you in bed to keep warm. A comfortable cat bed and warm blanket will keep her off your bed and give you much needed rest during cold weather.

Letting your cat outdoor for long hours in extremely cold condition is a bad idea. Despite her fur covered body which keeps her warm in extreme condition it is not enough. When your cat is wet or damp it can lead to frost bite and problematics blood flow in your cats’ body.

Symptoms Of Frost Bite

Detectable Symptoms to look out for when your cat has frost bite:

  • Freezing body or areas.
  • Discoloration from affected areas.
  • Blisters in affected areas.
  • Cat moves away when touched, signifying pain in those areas you touch.

If these symptoms become severe and pus start forming, or foul smell coming from your cats’ body ensure to visit your vet. Prolong exposure to extreme cold can lead to organ failure for your cat.

Tips To Keep Your Cat Warm In Cold Weather

To avoid these scenarios ensure your cat is warm and wrapped in a warm blanket.

Sleeping area should also be warm, get a blanket that has material that can retain heat.

Cats enjoy heat from sunrays hence let your cat take a nap near a window where the sunrays are coming into the room without letting them out.

Keep your purry friend comfortable as most of her day will be used up in napping.

Open your blinders to let the sunlight in the rooms and move her cat tree in the sunrays way to keep her warm.

Do not let your cat outside for long or in a parked car during winter when travelling, you can get a comfy cat carrier with a warm blanket and cushion to carry your cat around when outside.

Kittens and senior cats will need more attention during cold seasons to keep them warm to curb the pain if they are arthritic especially for older cats.

For your cat, you can also get heated cat bed and paddings or heat water bottle but be cautious you do not want to overheat the place as your cat skin is sensitive and can warm up quickly. Moderated warmth will be ideal even in cold weather.

Keep your cat warm and well fed to add more calories and retain body heat. Water intake is also needed but can be warmed up a bit. With a lot of napping for your cat during this period ensure the little time she has can be used for exercise and a cat wheel can be perfect as it is indoor. Do not let your cat be overfeed and obese with the cold weather as an excuse. It seems this is the time your cat can have increased appetite.

Cats love warm places and they love comfort, if you provide these, you will definitely be her friend. Check her behavior at home when she is warm, am sure she is cheerful and not cranky. As the sunlight gets into the room once in a while your cat can find a new napping favourite spot if it near a windowsill ensure it is draft free.

Check where you place your cat bed it shouldn’t be on the floor as they tend to be cold especially if they are tiled. If this is not checked your cat will keep on curling up in your bed to get some warmth in your bed and blankets as the floor can be freezing.

Your cat will seek warmth from any warm place including near your fireplace or drier or heaters hence keep your cat safe and away from direct contact as the hot air or sparks can burn its skin and cause serious blisters. If this happens consult your veterinarian for advice do not burst the blisters. Do not leave your cat alone with a heater standby as she can knock it over and start a fire. Be present when the heater is on.

Be prepared for cold weather seasons and take care of your pets also. They are products in the market that can change your cat life and keep it comfy during this time from heating pads, beds, bottles and you can also purchase a heater to keep your whole house warm. As the cold weather pass remember even in hot weather season to be prepared too.