How to Fatten a Cat

Cats may become thin due to sickness, lack of appetite, or dislike of the food you give them. To start with we want to have our cats fat and weighty. Despite this, it is good when they are fat? I say No, like a cat who is fat can become obese which can lead to health issues and diseases.
Being fat doesn’t necessarily mean the cat is healthy on the contract it could be a sign of a serious issue. When having concern about your cat weight talk to your vet on what to introduce or remove from your cats’ diet. Change of diet should be done gradually to prevent stomach upset and constipation.
Important when trying to fatten your cat, adhere to her feeding schedules and portions unless advised otherwise by your vet.

What Can Cause Weight Loss in Cats?

Rapid weight loss can be a cause of alarm for any cat owner. Despite this, it can be hard to detect when your cat is rapidly losing weight due to the puffiness of its fur. If you notice that your cat has become thin all of a sudden it is good to visit a vet and tests to be done. It can be a serious health problem causing this like cancer.

• Accessibility to Food Bowl

If you have a picker eater your cat could be eating less than recommended making him look frail. To start with ensuring the food bowl is accessible to your cat to be able to eat. If not the cat may decide to not bother with the food and stay hungry.
Unquestionably, if your home has multiple cats, the aggressive cat could be eating from the other cat’s food bowl and finishing for her.
Different brands of cat food can have different food benefits and calories hence a change in a brand can affect your cats’ needs leading to loss of weight.

• Change of Diet

Also, change diet gradually, the cat may have been used to a certain type of food and when changed it refuses to eat maybe due to taste or texture. Ensure to give tasty food during meals that are appealing to your cat.

• Intestinal worms and parasites

Worms and parasites can affect your cat’s health badly and lead to weight loss if untreated. It is good to deworm regularly as advised by the vet.
These worms can be transmitted through infected feces, saliva, and contaminated soil, or infected dead carcasses. Cats carry parasites while playing on long grass and near bushes.
Clear and cut long grass around the home to stop the breeding of the parasites and clear swampy water.
In addition, groom and bathe your cat occasionally and check for parasites like mites, fleas on the cats’ fur.

• Kidney Disease

Kidney disease in cats can lead to weight loss. The vet may recommend tests, for instance, blood work and urine tests to determine how serious the disease has affected the cat.
Despite this, a cat can be treated on regular basis with medication and prescription foods.
Other medical conditions that can cause loss of weight in your cat are cancer, viral infection, diabetes, and hyperthyroidism.
Following the causes of weight loss in cats mentioned above, now we can have a look at ways of fattening a cat.

Ways of Fattening a Cat

• Enough Scheduled Meals

If your cat is skinny due to lack of eating, have scheduled meals many times in a day that is well balanced to meet her nutritional needs and in the right portions.
Put the food bowl where your cat can easily access it during feeding time. Also, give dry food that is tasty and appealing to your cat.
They are brands that have a cat’s favorite aroma, get that and see if your cats’ appetite will improve.

• Accessibility to Food Bowl

In the case of multiple cats in the household have different bowls (I would recommend different colors) for different cats in the house. Cats are very territorial and one may guard the food bowl frightening the other cats on getting near to eat.
You will also notice this supremacy battle even with cat towers in the house. If possible put different food and water bowls at different places in the house for each cat.
Besides that place, the food bowls in a quiet area where your cat is not frightened by anything while eating like a noisy pipe or barking dog.

• Give Variety of Food

Alternate between dry food and canned when feeding your cat. Cats that have digestive problems can suffer if feed with dry kibble only. Give enough water after feeding.
Additionally, picky eaters, get brands with different flavors and taste to entice them to eat more. Moreover, you can add a bit of canned food to their dry food to make the food tasty. Not only is kitten food more appealing for picky eaters but also more calorie-dense and your cat will eat more.
Subsequently, when changing diet do it gradually to avoid stomach upsets and also consult your vet.

• Supplementation

If everything fails and your cats need certain calories you can give supplements with consultation with the vet. Cats having a problem with weight gain may benefit from supplemental high calorie canned therapeutic food that contains antioxidants, omega 3 a d 6 oils and prebiotics.

Final Thoughts

Before deciding on what to give to fatten your cat consult your vet. Furthermore, the vet is in the best position to know the cause of weight loss in your cat and advice on steps to take.
A test can be done to check if the weight loss is due to other underlying health issues or if it is your cat acting up.
For picky eaters kitten food may be recommended as its’ usually high in calories, fats, and proteins that a skinny cat needs to get fat. Following this, do not overfeed the cat as you do not want it to be obese and have other health issues like arthritis.
Finally, in both cases, the vet will recommend the best action to take to fatten your cat.