How to Calculate Cat years to Human Years

As a cat owner you would want to know how old your cat is in human years. Firstly, felines as they get older tend to have youthful looks and their physical statue start to change. There are some differences in age conversion, depending on breed and weight and other factors while calculating the cats’ age.

Importantly, the permanent teeth will be there by 6 months, the physical size will be reached at by 1 year. Moreover cats have different typical lifespans than humans. On the other hand humans are seen to be mature as they get older.

Although some cat breed, for instance, Siamese kittens by 4 month they seem grown. Nonetheless, most cats by 6 months they have reached the maturity age.

As animals grow older, they experience a decline of biological functions, which limits their lifespan.

It is not an exact science to determine a cat age in relation to human age. Unquestionably, many factors influence how long a cat lives including the breed, exercise, diet, the quality of life, and if the cat is sprayed or neutered. An indoor cat can be keep active by regular exercise on a cat wheel.

In a cat’s first year, it is equated that he or she reaches the human age of 15. In addition by the second year, he or she is the equivalent of age 24.

Cat Age in Human years

It is not easy to calculate a cat’s age as there is no definite formula to do this. Although one can use clues in physical appearance like teeth, coat, energy levels. I would recommend if you want to find out the age accurately take your cat to the vet for several examinations.

Nevertheless, a cat age calculator or chart, a graph can give you your cats age even though it might not be accurate.  When using a chart to determine the cat age in human years consider the life stages for cats. These are based on an understanding of how cats mature and age both physically and behaviourally.

Cat years can be Equated to Human years

Cat years can be Equated to Human years

Finding the age of a cat from a rescue home may be hard as you do not have the exert time of birth. However, you can learn its approximate age by examining certain features of your cat. As cats age, they tend to show it in their teeth, hair, eyes, and behaviours.

Apart from this, the cat age calculator gives a rough estimate and may not be accurate for all breeds of cats. Subsequently, the life expectancy of animals is usually directly related to size

Clearly, by 1-2 years your cat can be compared to adolescence in humans. This is a stage that is challenging in cats. Here the cats learn to survive in their environment and reach their full physical size. As a cat owner by now train your cat to use the litter box.

A cat will live on average about 12–14 years. On the other hand, a cat at 7-10 years has reached maturity and is equivalent to humans in their mid-40s to mid-50s. Looking at their health issues the cat may need special considerations based on physical issues. Particularly, veterinary exams to identify health problems like arthritis, eye problems, and ear problems.

By 14 years a cat is mature both physically and in behaviour and is equivalent to about 70 human years. Remember cats as they age still have their youthful appeal and it might be hard to know they are senior.

Can Cats Live More Than 20 years

With a healthy diet and exercise and excellent care, your cat can live a healthy life into their early 20s. Definitely a kitten can mature fast compared to humans especially from birth to 6 years. Keep your cat active buy him toys and cat tower to climb on.

As much as we love nature and want to enjoy with our feline friend try to keep him more indoor, don’t over-vaccinate to keep him safe. Besides indoor cats can live to 18-20 years compared to outdoor cats.

We can have ways of calculating but there is no official feline-to-human age conversion formula. Unlike humans, ‘cats don’t mature in the same linear fashion as we do. For example, a 1-month cat in human years is 1 year.

Kittens advance through kittenhood and the teen years much faster than a human. A 6-month-old cat is the equivalent of a 10-year-old child.

Is It Easy To Get Your Cat Age

How Old is Your Cat in Human Years

How Old is Your Cat in Human Years

Considering their small size cats live an amazingly long time. Although cats are smaller than most dogs, they generally live longer. A healthy cat can live to 20 years with a good diet, exercise, and good genetics, etc.

Obviously, cats mature much more rapidly than people. It can be very difficult to tell the age of an adult cat as their outward appearance changes very little. In comparison to humans cats as they age still appear very youthful.

As much as it is suggested that to get the cat age we multiply a cat’s age by 7 to get a comparative human age.

This can give you inaccurate results of age as it does not consider the health, the diet, and other factors that contribute to the cats’ maturity and age.

With this in mind, one can take the end of the first year of the cat’s life to be equivalent to 15 human years. Likewise, the end of the second year to be approximately equivalent to a 24-year-old person, and thereafter to consider each year of a cat’s life to equate to approximately 4 human years.

Comparison of Senior Cats To Senior Humans

This seems awkward but when your cat gets to be a senior cat they need more care, more vet visits due to health issues and diseases like cancer, arthritis, hearing loss if not well taken off.

As cat age, their teeth become stained due to build up tartar compared to kitten whose teeth are white. Additionally, they have a coarse coat,

Cat years are referred to as the ages of domestic cats in conversion to human-equivalent years.

You can calculate cat-to-human years with the assumption that a cat is mature at about one year old, approximately 16 years in humans. Then add to that 4 years for each additional cat year. So a 4 year old cat would be 16 + (3 x 4) = 28 human years, and a 5 year old cat equal to about 32 human years.

Lastly, determining a cat’s correct age is actually important because it helps veterinarians care for their health needs better.