Ginger Cat

This cute adorable feline friends appreciation day is in September. Ginger cats are also known as tabby cats and favorite to many, some have been featured in the entertainment industry. For example, Icon as Garfield, Shrek’s Puss in Boots, Hobbes and Hobbes of Calvin.

Importantly, ginger cats are said to be special in so many ways. Some ginger cats are orange in color but not all of them. Let’s look at their highlights to understand more about their coloring and personality.

Highlights of Ginger Cats

Color shade

Without a doubt, ginger cats come in various shades of color. Particularly, they can be distinguished with their red, orange, or yellow-colored fur. What causes the ginger color in these particular cats is Phaeomelamin.

Clearly, the amount of color shade of ginger cat is determined by the intensity of the pigment in the cat.


Due to the ginger gene in the X chromosomes that produces the orange color, you will find more male Ginger cats than female. Alongside this, Females have two X chromosomes hence require two copies of the ginger gene to be a ginger cat.

A male cat has more probability of becoming a ginger cat as he has one X chromosome and needs to pair it with one ginger gene to be ginger. This means you will find three male ginger cats for one female ginger cat.

It should be noted, if both parent cats are ginger cats then the litter will also be ginger.

Tabby cats

Ginger cats are also known as tabby cats and have the agouti gene. One way of knowing them is to look at their forehead which has an M marking.

Looks like small tigers and sometimes are referred to as “tigers”. Tabby cats are orange in color but not all of them.


Unlike other cats, the ginger cats have five coat patterns, for instance, patched, spotted, striped(mackerel), ticked(agouti), and classic(stripped).

These cats have different coat patterns hence the different names. Tabby cats are not a breed but are cats with different coat patterns and are known not to have thick dense fur.

To illustrate the agouti tabby or ticked does not possess strips or spots on her coat like the other cats but has agouti hair and tabby markings on the face. The individual body hair has alternating shades of light and dark bands.


The ginger cat male is differentiated from their female counterpart with their personalities. Moreover, the female ginger cats are calmer and quieter while the male is assertive, playful, and vocal.

Despite this early socialization plays a big role in their behavior as they grow. These cute orange cats are popular and can be found in numerous homes as they are friendly and make excellent pets. Besides they are also known to be bold, playful, and independent.

Even so, they are brave, confident, and adapt well in a household with other pets and children.

Popular Cat breeds that are said to be Ginger Cats

As ginger cats are not a breed and can be found in any cat breed. The color coat is what differentiates them mostly. To name a few cats breed that come across as ginger cats are:

  • Maine Coon

Maine coon are known for their brown tabby pattern but come in different color shades. Additionally, they are friendly and relaxed and get on well with other pets and children. Big-bodied and have the “M” marking on their forehead like most cats.

  • Persian

The Persian has three distinctive coats namely patched, classic, and mackerel. With their red-colored patches, it gives their coat a jungle appearance. The tabby Persian are fun-loving, medium-sized cats though they appear bigger. Besides they make excellent home companions.

  • British Shorthair

The breed has been developed in various colors including tabby and colourpoint. Powerful large cat with a cool temperament and varies in color depending on color coat. Notably, all colors and patterns have tortoiseshell variants. In illustration, the tabby pattern includes classic, mackerel, spotted, and ticked.

  • Munchkin

Munchkin cat breed is sweet, outgoing, playful, and social. It comes in many color coats even the orange coat is affectionate and gets on well with children and other pets.

  • Abyssinian

This is a domestic short-haired cat with individual hairs banded in different colors. It also has a notable ticked tabby coat. This breed has the agouti gene which gives them a tabby pattern all over their body coat.

  • Bengal

Not only are Bengal cats playful, energetic but also have a wild appearance passed on from their leopard cat ancestry. Subsequently, they have spots, arrowhead, or rosette markings on their coats. They are domesticated cats with a unique coat that can come in shades of red, brown, ticked, spotted, rosette, grey, etc.


Cats are adorable family pets and make the home lively. We give them the best, from food, toys, medical care when they become part of the family. We would like to hear more from you as a ginger cat owner or lover. Share your experiences in the comment section.