Essential Tips of Traveling with a Pet in Summer

How has the Uplifting of Restriction Improved Traveling?

Now that it is summer we are all eager to enjoy the sunny weather and tag along with our pets. Clearly, this is the time to make memories with our family members, cats, and dogs as restrictions have been uplifted. Covid-19 pandemic leads to lockdown, working from home, homeschooling, restriction to go to the park or outdoor activities.

Importantly, we are still keeping safe as life starts going back to normal at a slow pace. We can now see few restrictions been lifted, being allowed to go to the mall, hotels, restaurants, beach and travel around.

Tips on How to Keep Cats and Pet Safe

  • Use a Lead

To start with ensuring to walk your cat safely on a harness with a lead, will keep her close when traveling.

You do not want your cat to dash off to oncoming traffic when you visit a big city and get hit. Cats can be frightened by loud noises or unfamiliar environments.

Get a lead that is made of comfortable material, fits well, not too tight or too loose. Undoubtedly, train your cat beforehand on walking with a lead to get used to it.

  • Pack a Carrier

Notably, we buy a carrier for easy transportation. It can be used during a walk in a big city, at the airport, in a football match, or if your cat is small or injured.

Approved Airport Carrier for A Cat

We have different kinds of carriers, but ensure to buy one that your cat will be comfortable in, and has enough room to move around.

Unquestionably, when traveling abroad buy a carrier that is airport approved.

Subsequently, ensure you have the necessary documents required for pet travel especially with air transport.

You can also ask about health requirements by the airline to prepare accordingly before the traveling day.

  • Pack Enough Food and Water

During sunny weather, everyone can get dehydrated even our pets. In addition, carry enough food and water to keep hydrated and well-fed.

A heatwave can cause dehydration and even death, hence it is important to keep your cat or dog well hydrated. Besides this, do not leave your cat inside the car during a heatwave as it is life-threatening.

On a long road trip open the windows and also put the air condition on, to regulate the temperature and keep your pets comfortable.

Also, to avoid any distraction while driving you can safely put a safety belt on the pet or carrier depending on your pet size. If it is a dog have a dog guard at the back to prevent it from jumping into the front seats as you drive.

If the cat is in a cage have enough food and water in the cage or crate for the time you will be traveling. One can also carry collapsible bowls for putting food and water to assist during feeding.

  • Carry Favourite Toys and Essentials

You want your cat to have a comfortable journey, try to carry along his favorite things. It can be a favorite toy, a sleeping bed, a blanket that will make his new environment look familiar. These things will calm her down and keep her relax as you travel.

Most people get anxious during travel and it is not unusual for our cats too. To avoid any unwanted behavior or anxiety attacks start training them early, preferably a few days before traveling on getting into the carrier or crate.

Without a doubt, this training will make it normal and even the day of traveling the cat will just repeat the habit as it will be comfortable with it and have a relaxing journey.

  • Vaccination

Ensure your cat is well vaccinated and has all the necessary documents when traveling.

Pet insurance and traveling scheme are also important as anything can happen during travel, remember your cat can be placed with other pets especially if using air travel.

Ensure to label the carrier or crate well, and her vaccination is up to date to avoid getting any infection. You can also have a tag, microchipped, or put a tracker on her for easy retrieval in case of getting lost. Check with the airline health and immunization requirements to get your cat well prepared in advance.

Carry a first aid kit when traveling on road, it may be useful for minor injury for you and your pet.

It is not conclusive but we have had cases of animals getting Covid-19 hence it is good to have your pet fully vaccinated for any infection that the vet advises on. Lastly, this can be done a few weeks before traveling so that her vaccination is up to date.


We all want to travel safely and return in good health even after vacation. Restrictions have been uplifted in some parts of the world but we still have to keep safe for our loved ones and pets too. Border restrictions can still be seen in different parts of the UK.

Let embrace all the restrictions still in place, keep social distance and check and follow the new airline regulations implemented due to the covid-19 Pandemic.

Finally, these restrictions mostly affect air travel for both humans and pets hence let’s keep safe for now, as we wait for things to go back to normal.