Do Foxes Eat Cats

It is not surprising to see foxes in our big cities especially the grey and red type. Most of them are found in cities even with the fear of being near humans.

Moreover, the availability of food brings them near humans when scavenging for food. No need for alarm as mostly they will be found near uncovered garbage in our backyard or in the pet food if it’s near reach.

Even with cats and dogs at home ensure you keep your house locked to prevent foxes from getting inside. For cats, have a door with a small cat flap to let your cat in from outdoors.

Foxes are not harmful but it is good to know how to deal with them when they come near you. Some might run away as they fear the presence of humans.

Generally, foxes are hunters and know how to fend for themselves but sometimes they can have someone feeding them.

Ways of Keeping Foxes Away from Our Homes

Particularly, if you see a fox that is not scared of humans it might have been used to the presence of humans.

Despite this, when they come near you, you can hit something that produces loud noise to scare them away, also spray them with hose water, throw an object at them or blow a whistle. That being said, keep yourself safe if you sense danger or the fox becomes defensive.

Alongside this, secure trash cans with tie-downs when left outside to prevent rubbish spilling out when knocked down by either the dog or fox.

Protect your home, pets, and garden from foxes and coyotes with a motion detector. Get one that has a waterproof design and can be used for all weather conditions.

Rabies in Foxes

Foxes can become aggressive or fight especially when suffering from rabies, normally they run away. Signs to check out for in a rabid fox includes disorientation, biting, and seizures.

When the case is extremely dangerous, call the animal control as they know how to handle the rabid fox better, do not endanger yourself.

Rabies does not affect a lot of foxes due to the widespread vaccination exercises that have almost eliminated rabies.

Clearly, vaccination is better than the culling method which was problematic and lead to the depopulation of foxes.

Most countries have been able to make their state rabies-free zones for many years, including Britain.

What You Should Know about Foxes

Foxes may not cause any danger to human beings if healthy. Notably, they will just be found scavenging in spilled rubbish that our furry friends could have knocked over earlier looking for food.

Small Cats Can Be Prey For Foxes

In addition, foxes will flee than fight when they see humans. Moreover, they might pass through your yard on their way to a hunting spree hence not a danger to anyone.

Foxes are known to be calm animals and will not bother big home animals. Even so, ensure to keep them in protected structures to avoid any accidents.

Small pets and animals can encounter danger when face to face with a fox. Remember this is an animal that its natural instinct is to hunt and may be tempted to chase after your rabbits, chicken, cats, birds, and hamsters.

We always thought foxes are found in the forest, but not anymore, you can find them under a tree shade where they dig dens to keep warm during harsh and stormy weather. This is common especially when they get young ones.

Do not disturb them allow the fox kits to grow until they can accompany the adults for hunting sprees. Foxes dig dens near porches and sheds in urban areas to raise their kits and after that will move to another place.

If your home has turned into a fox area you can practice scare tactics or put repellants to chase them away from your yard as soon as possible.

Scare Devices used for Foxes

One can make or buy the scare devices. Most devices used to produce loud noise to scare the fox away.

A bang at a pan or metallic object can be used as a device.

Besides this, a motion-activated sprinkler can be installed in the yard and surprise the fox when passing through. If this happens many times the fox will be forced to move to a more conducive yard.

Alarms and noise-making devices can be used to scare foxes away from the home.

Fox Repellants

We do not like our garden to be trampled at or destroyed by our pets. Applying repellants and fencing the garden is a good tactic to keep our precious flowers, vegetables, and fruits safe for years.

Importantly, most stores and hardware sell these repellants that are used for dogs can work also for the fox to repel them and keep them away from your garden or unwanted areas.

The repellants can be applied or sprayed in the yard, gardens where you do not want the fox accessing.

 Cats need to be Protected from Foxes

Cats are indoor pets and may only venture out for a bit of fresh air or to roam in the yard.

Cats are also known to be territorial and may be found relaxing in their towers or near the window perch.

It may be dangerous to let your cat out when small, to prevent them from accidents, being hit by oncoming traffic if they leave the compound, or attacked by wild animals.

When outdoor, cats can spray the area with urine to mark their territorial. Adult cats may not be scared of foxes due to their big size and can fight them when threatened.

Other Small Pets with Foxes

Kittens and small pets in the house may be prey to foxes and need to be supervised when outside.

In case you have chicken, small dog breeds, guinea pigs, rabbits keep them indoors or in well-protected structures outside. You do not want them to be prey to the foxes.


Fencing can be a good option to keep your pets and small animals from the outside world but it will not keep foxes away from your yard. Obviously, foxes are hunters and can dig under the fence to get entry into your yard.

Apart from fencing, repellants can be used to keep the fox away. We have the dog repellants that are used to keep dogs from unwanted areas, like gardens, flowers, that may have the same effect on a nearby fox passing by.

Lastly, one can install noise devices, alarms, and motion detectors to scare away the fox when it gets into your yard. Protect your home, cats, dogs, chicken, small farm animals from foxes with the above tactics.