Our MSite software for construction right to work checks has a huge number of benefits for management teams belonging to construction companies, and for their respective construction sites. Perhaps the biggest concern for construction project managers is to determine an employee’s right to work for the company and on a particular job, but MSite can assist greatly with this vital process, for reasons that we will now explain in more depth.

To begin with, the software is available online for managers to log into at any time and in any place. This means that the information can be drawn up whenever necessary, which could range from the initial checks on the employees assigned to a particular site to an internal meeting to the unlikelihood of an investigation should it turn out that, in fact, an employee shouldn’t be present on the site. In the past, having this data in workbooks or only on computer files accessible on a couple of hard drives would prove to be frustrating, so the fact that MSite can offer these details from anywhere is a huge benefit.

The MSite construction right to work software provides all sorts of personal information about an employee, including thorough background checks on their experience levels and skill sets, and crucially it will be these points that will ultimately determine whether or not they are suitable to work for the organisation and, if so, in what role or on what project. Sometimes, important facts can slip through the cracks, but MSite will ensure that this would not be the case by spelling everything out that would need to be known in black and white. It also serves as a good way to compare employees, further identifying who would be best working on what site.


Finally, the MSite profiles for members of staff will also be able to identify any past instances where, for whatever reason, an employee might have been taken off a job. It could have been for health reasons or purely for business reasons, but it’s also possible that it may have been for another reason, one that could put the viability of a project at risk if this employee were added to the team, or that a lack of knowledge about a crucial piece of kit could jeopardise not only the success of the project, but also the wellbeing of the employee. Again, MSite will provide all of these details, further helping the company to determine if that worker is truly right for the position, and for their role in a construction site project.

So, as you can see, MSite is a vital method for construction managers to determine the rights to work of their employees in many areas, and you can find out more by going to our website at www.humanrecognitionsystems.com/mflow/queue-measurement-systems.