7 of the Best Cat Water Fountains: Help Quench Your Cats’ Thirst.

Keep your cat hydrated with our choice of the best cat water fountain available. Cats prefer the fresher taste of moving (better oxygenated) water than that which is sat in their water bowl. A cat water fountain is a solution for the most discerning of feline friends.

Cats, like humans, get thirsty. How much your cat drinks will be just like us; dependent on factors such as size, environment, health, exercise. An outdoor cat in the heat needs more water than an indoor cat in a cool house. Also consider their food. If you feed dry food, they will need more water than those who eat wet food, which has considerably more water content. It is difficult to measure exactly what our cats are drinking because they may drink from more than one water source, and we can’t keep a watch on them all day. If you’re really concerned about your cats’ water intake, speak to your vet. Don’t give cats milk unless it’s specifically marketed as ‘cat milk’, as they cannot digest lactose in cows milk.

Cats much prefer fresh water, and can be quite picky. I never saw our girls drink from the bowl next to their dry food, but if I turned the tap on, I’d get visitors to the sink! Many a time they’d drink outdoors too. Water fountains are a great solution for cats who enjoy drinking from the tap! Before we list our best cat fountains here are a few benefits of this gadgets to your cat.

Benefits of Dog Water Fountains

  1. Hydration – as it encouranges your cat to drink more,
  2. Filtration – because a fountain has a filter it removes impurities and foreign bodies making the water much cleaner,
  3. Circulation – ensures the water doesn’t become a breeding ground for nasty bugs and bacteria therefore making it safer for your cat to drink from in comparison to a traditional dog bowl,
  4. Volume – a fountain can hold more water usually 1-3 litres thus ensuring your cat has plenty supply especially if you have more than one cat in your household,
  5. Temperature – of the water will be a degree or two lower than room temperature therefore encouraging your cat to drink more.

Here is our listicle of the best water fountain…

7 Best Cat Water Fountains

#1. Catit – Original Flower Drinking Fountain

This is an eye catching, pretty flower design, 3litre capacity water fountain which features three flow settings – gentle flow, bubbling top and calm stream flow. The fountain only pushes filtered running water to the surface for your cat to drink. The fountain filters water, softening hard water and removing hair and debris. Replacement filters are available online too, so it’s not difficult to keep topped up. The fountain is cheap to run, approx 2p/day, with an extra quiet pump. We like it for the design and different flow settings, the way the water flows off the ‘petals’ like water from a tap; it looks very appealing to us, so our feline friends are likely to agree.


  • Easy to clean-simply hand-wash each part with natural soap.
  • Allows 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers.
  • Offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water.
  • 3L water capacity with viewing window to check level
  • Dimensions are 21 x 21 x 18.5cm
  • Includes a dual-action water softening filter (filter refills available)
  • Costs less than 2p per day to run (based on 15p per KwH, 24h/day)
  • Made of BPA-free materials.
  • Easy to monitor -If the pump is making excessive noise, be sure to check the water level as it is most likely low.


#2. Cat Mate Pet Fountain

A big favourite and highly reviewed, I love the different pools and waterfall feature of this pleasantly designed water fountain.

It has a low power consuming pump, meaning low cost to run, and low voltage power supply for safety. Easy to use, just fill the bottom bowl to the line, and off you go. It has a 2L capacity which is actually enough for up to 3 cats.

The fountain also uses replaceable cartridges to filter the water, these are easily obtainable to replace (advised monthly).

It’s advised that the pump is cleaned every few weeks, so bear in mind these products do need a bit of maintenance.

The Cat Mate Fountain has a three year manufacturer’s guarantee and the replaceable pump has a one year guarantee.


  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes.
  • Large 2L capacity.
  • Isolated pump for very quiet operation.
  • Water ramp eliminates splashing.
  • Safe low voltage power supply.
  • Easier to clean. The design is easy to disassemble and is dishwasher safe.
  • Multi-Height drinking stations.
  • Polymer-carbon filter for water purification (replacement cartridges available)
  • 3 Year Guarantee.


#3. Automatic Pet Fountain

This fountain has a clever little infared sensor on it meaning it’ll start working when your pet is within 1.5 metres. It does also have an intermittent (on for 1h, off for 30min) and continuous mode too, if the cat is put off by the fountain starting up.

The fountain has a capacity of 2.5L, and is compact in size. The water recirculates down a wide, smooth slope, maximising contact with fresh air, and it will stop and alert you via LED light when there is not enough water left.

The filter contains activated carbon material made from coconut shell, which the manufacturer states will reduce organic pollutants and prevent damage to pets. The product is easy to disassemble and keep clean, and is low energy usage at 2.6kWh a month. Filters are easily available online, though I should remember to point out that filters for this product are not particularly cheap (£8.99/3) and most cat fountains advise to change monthly, so factor into the budget.


  • Require little floor space, can fit in any pet home.
  • 3 modes of operation
  • A wide and smooth curve and surface reserve part of water and keep water fresh.
  • Led light alarms you if there isn’t enough water, it stops working and remind you to refill water.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean. Recommended change filter every 2-4w.
  • Environmentally safe and energy-efficient. FDA approved, BPA free materials.
  • 12 Months Warranty.



#4. PetSafe Pet Fountain

I like this. A simple design, the flow is just like a tap. My cats drank from the tap continuously, and I know this would be their choice! Also, it is the highest capacity fountain at 5L, so great for multiple pet households. The water tank is removable and easy to refill. It doesn’t splash like a usual tap would, as the ‘receiving ramp’ minimises this, and keeps noise to a minimum too.

The flow control is adjustable to suit the fussiest of feline friends. The filters are made with activated carbon from coconut shells, and they are pretty good value at only £5.49 for 3.

It has anti slip feet on the base, to avoid slippage. Low voltage and easy to clean – parts can go in the dishwasher.

All in all a good product, one of the pricier models we reviewed but I think that is reflected in its large capacity and suitability for more pets.


  • Large water capacity able to holds 5L. of fresh, filtered water.
  • Great for pets of all sizes and homes with multiple pets.
  • Free-falling water stream entices pets to drink, helping to keep pets hydrated and healthy.
  • Uses replaceable carbon water filter which freshens water by removes bad tastes and odours.
  • Built-in reservoir increases water capacity and extends time between refilling your fountain.
  • The pump features an adjustable flow control that allows you to customize the speed of water flow for your pet.
  • Easy to keep clean as its dishwater safe.
  • Manufacturer’s 2year warranty.



#5. Ceramic Avalon Cat Water Fountain

Our most expensive cat water fountain, but the reason is obvious to us. Made from 100% ceramic, it looks more like a piece of furniture than a pet product! Ceramic is tough and durable – and dishwasher safe. The simplicity makes it easier to clean than some of the plastic fountains. It is a 2 litre capacity fountain, so not as large as the others but still adequate. It has a quiet pump with a bit of a sound of running water as it falls from the top to bottom bowls, a sound i cannot complain about.

As with other cat fountains, it uses filters, in this case a foam and a charcoal one – both replacements available online.

Its elevated top drinking bowl makes it a good choice for elderly/arthritic pets. This isn’t a fountain with any high tech elements like lights to warn you about water level, or adjustable flow, but it is a well designed yet brilliantly practical piece of kit which would complement any home. For the price, we love it.


  • An elevated drinking bowl suitable for all cat/dog sizes.
  • Naturally encourages even the fussiest of pets to drink constantly with its free fresh flowing water.
  • Pets with cystitis or chronic kidney disease will also greatly benefit from an increased water consumption.
  • Ensures the drinking water is optimally oxygenated and hinders the spread of bacteria.
  • Both the foam and replaceable charcoal filter prevent hair, food debris and contaminants getting into the Pet Fountain.
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.



#6. Catit Fresh Stainless Steel Fountain

A simple yet effective design, a stainless steel top sits on top of the 2L reservoir, making it a compact little fountain. The top is easy to take apart and clean in a dishwasher. Replacement filters are available. We like the neatness of the design, and it’s good value too.


  • Hygienic and dishwasher safe top
  • Large water-to-air surface maximises oxygenation
  • Compact 2 L / 64 fl oz reservoir
  • Helps prevent kidney and urinary diseases
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Provides a continuous supply of fresh and filtered water


#7. LED Automatic Pet Water Drinking Fountain

This smart little fountain holds 1.8L of water, attractively lit with LED light. The constant waterfall stream of oxygenated water should be attractive to most discerning felines. A low 12V system is safe and energy efficient. Double activated carbon filters keep the circulating water clean and clear. It operates very quietly too. It has anti-slip design but a mat is recommended for underneath to prevent splashes. An eye catching design with the modern lighting!


  • A simple but significant way to improve your pet’s health is to get them to drink more water, continuously flowing water attracts pets, encourages pets to drink more and keeps your pets hydrated.
  • UV Light Purification eliminates bacteria and microorganisms,LED Light,Convenient pet night drinking
  • Drink well fountain-Furnish stream of naturally cool and oxygenated water, 1.8L capacity water fountain – Constantly filters water
  • 12V Low voltage power supply make sure your own and pet safe



What to look out for in a Cat Water Fountain?

Having done my research into these products, there are a few features which I know I would look out for when buying a water fountain:

  • Filters – the products I looked at all used filters to purify hard water and remove debris like hair. But they can be pricey, so don’t overlook this when budgeting – the prices vary between products.
  • Energy consumption – most market themselves as low energy consumption and provide data on their usage. Most cat fountains would probably be on all, or most of the time, so an energy efficient product is a must for me.
  • Capacity – This does vary a fair bit between cat fountains so bear in mind how often you are able to refill yours and how many pets it needs to keep hydrated between fillings.
  • How can it be cleaned? – Many can be disassembled and all parts placed in a dishwasher except the pump. Now I understand I may need to hand wash the pump, but for ease I’d prefer to throw the other parts in a machine!

I hope this article has been of some use to you!


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