Best Interactive Cat Toys that will make your cat reach cloud nine

Cats like toys because they’re fun! Playing with cat toys is their way of picking up skills to prepare them for their environment. To properly raise any pet, parents need to encourage them to play with toys, as they will be able to explore their physical skills and mental skills. Since most cats are bound indoors they need interactive toys that encourage social interaction such as building projects, three layers games and pretend play with toys that they can chase, help develop confidence, physical and emotional skills. The toys described below bring a whole lot of benefits including and not limited to: solving cat behaviour problems, stress & relief anxiety, build confidence, encourage exercise and weight management, and also increase human cat bond.

Interactive Cat Toys

  1. Cat Teaser Interactive Toy

Best cat toy EVER, so simple 3 feathers and a tiny bell attached to thin elastic rope and a very nice and long stick so you can whip it back and forth like a fishing rod. It’s very easy to move it around in a way that mimics a bird or a small creature, you can jiggle it around in the air, drag it along the ground. It is simple yet effective design is the reason it’s still my cat’s favourite toy.

When the head of the toy is flying through the air the feathers cause it to rotate and sound like small wings. When it’s dragged along the floor the bell catches lightly and mimics the sound of a mouse (slightly).

  • Durable: The string is elasticated and the wand/stick is firm yet flexible.
  • Fun and makes your cat active as your cat leap and dance for this one.
  • Safe and accommodating for your cat as the feather is dangled from elastic cord that attached to the rod which you control.
  • Provide exercise and mimic natural behavior, with bell for sound adding.
  • Great interactive toy that you both can enjoy
  • Rates 4.4 in Amazon.


  • Safety issue :This Interactive toy, with its partly string design, shouldn’t be left around when you aren’t conducting a play session with your cat because it can easily choke or get strangled on any stringed parts.



2. YEOWWW Banana Singles Cat Toy

This toy is 7 inches of YEOWWW! Catnip bliss interesting for your cats eyes. Cats love the curve and the size makes it perfect for grabbing nuzzling, and is safe as each one is stuffed completely with organically-grown catnip. No fillers. It’s also made with a durable cotton twill fabric and uses only soy and/or vegetable based dyes that are natural and non-toxic.  This toy will keep your cat entertained as it will discover its active playful side which is good for his health.


  • Flexible and easy to play with its Banana shaped design.
  • 100% organically grown American catnip inside safe for your cat.
  • No cotton or polyester fillings.
  • Fun textures as it is made with heavy duty cotton and coloured using only natural vegetable or soy based colours.
  • Affordable as it is all handmade.
  • Rates 4.6 in Amazon.


Yeowww Banana Singles Cat Toy
Price: £7.49
You Save: £2.31 (24%)
Price Disclaimer


3.      Three Layers Pet Intelligence Toy

This toy offers you a 3-level track and ball toy to keep even the pickiest cat entertained and engaged for hours. Your feline friend will never get bored trying to pry the three colorful balls out of their tower prison.

The best part is this 3-ball model is perfect for owners of more than one cat. It will stimulate your kitties both physically and mentally, preventing them from becoming destructive and misbehaved.

This cat roller toy has something to entertain all cats as they will be stoked to play this for ages. Great for wasting some of your feline friend evening energy, or if you keep your little feline-buddy in a cat condo it will keep them stimulated for weeks.

Gives you piece of mind will at work or far as it can keep your cats happy while they are at home alone as it is made from non-choking materials which is 100% safe.

It has various features from: It is stable stays in place when your cat is going for it! Lightweight, unobtrusive, blends in with a modern home, very quiet, with a little rattle to interest your cat.


  • No supervision needed as it is safe to leave your cat playing and do your other chores.
  • It’s 100% safe – no nasty choking hazards like feathers and ribbons.
  • Unmatched ball spinning excitement: Entertaining until your cat is addictive and forget to bother you as you watch TV.
  • It is educational as it helps your cat with mental stimulation.
  • Keeps your cat active and healthy as this super-fun roller toy includes 3 balls which swirl around the tracks to mimic natural prey.
  • Can withstand the toughest and roughest play as the heavy-duty tower track and ball toy is made of high-end ABS plastic material.
  • Rates 4.2 in Amazon.



4.      Enjoyable Play-n-Scratch Cat Toy

The play and scratch cat Toy is designed to provide hours of fun for your furry companion. It has a channel for a small ball your cat can nudge with its nose or shove with its paw. The center of the Scratcher toy has a textured scratch pad which is both durable and replaceable. It is designed to help you enjoy an active lifestyle with your pet. Cat scratch toy offers hours of fun and exercise for your cat while reducing potential furniture damage

The scratcher consisting of a durable plastic platform with a scratch pad located at the center and a tracking ball that rolls around the perimeter. There is also a spring toy with a fluffy pom-pom for additional fun and enticement. The scratch pad is made of corrugated cardboard, which provides felines with a safe surface to put their claws into. Besides having a good time, cats will enjoy many health benefits as a result of playing with this fun and stimulating toy.


  • Fun and stimulating cat scratcher which provides a safe place for scratching and exercise for your cat.
  • The play n scratch consists of corrugated cardboard scratch pad, tracking ball which makes it fun for your cat.
  • An effective way to prevent cats from scratching valuable household furniture and fixtures.
  • Measures 14″ and can be placed anywhere in the home.
  • Double sided use, the scratch pad is reversible and replacements are available.
  • It’s well made, nice and sturdy.
  • Rates 4.6 in Amazon.



  1. Super Roller Circuit Cat Toy.

This large 8-piece circuit has alternating high and low sections with an enticing motion-activated illuminated ball the zips around inside, enticing cats to chase and swipe at it. There are large openings along the circuit that allow curious felines to safely reach in and touch the ball.

It’s the ultimate exercise stimulator for cats. Each of the toys targets different senses of your cat, but when combined it becomes a collection of innovative cat products designed to enrich a cat’s life by stimulating all of his or her senses.

Allows you freedom as it keeps your cat entertained and occupied when you might be away on a trip for a day or two. The design ensures the playground can wrap the play centers with circuits, which provides additional stability for those times of rough play.

This toy is very engaging and helps your cat develop physically and mentally. We use all of our senses every day and it is important for your cat to do the same. Exploring their senses will provide them with the ability to reach their full potential and live a long and healthy life.

Enhances mental stimulation for your cat as it incorporates sight, sound and touch and is specially designed to entice, engage and entertain a cat while appealing to his natural hunting instincts.


  • Large 8-piece circuit consists of alternating high and low sections good for multiple cats.
  • Takes fun and action to breathtakingly new heights for your pet.
  • Motion-activated illuminated ball lights up and zips around inside the track that heightens your cats’ senses.
  • High-low circuit design propels ball at high speeds.
  • Good for some mental stimulation as it is designed to enrich a cat’s life by stimulating all of his or her senses.
  • Toy is very engaging and helps your cat develop physically and mentally.
  • Engage and entertain a cat while appealing to his natural hunting instincts.
  • Keeps your cat entertained and occupied when you might be away on a trip for a day or two.
  • Rates 4.3 in Amazon.



6.      YEOWWW Rainbow Cat Toy

If your cats are the playful sort, or at all inclined to catnip, this is definitely worth the purchase. And it looks great…. at least before your cats get a hold of it.

As with a lot of Yeoww! Products, this stuff is SUPER strong. Comes well packaged in a plastic bag that, airtight unleashed a most potent waft of nip.  Your cats will love it and will not put this toy down for hours. It is lightweight and your cat can enjoys tossing it in the air, and acting shocked when he is jumping on it.

This will stimulate your cats’ senses as well as make him exercises by jumping on the toy as you flip it up in the air.

Safe Rainbow shaped cat toy filled with nothing but 100% organically grown American catnip inside, no cotton or polyester filling that can choke your cat.


  • No supervision needed as material used is safe.
  • Affordable and lightweight and your cat can tangle it and jump on it .
  • No cotton or polyester fillings.
  • Made with heavy duty cotton and coloured using only natural vegetable or soy based colours.
  • Rates 4.6 in Amazon


Yeowww Rainbow Cat Toy
Price: £9.45
You Save: £1.35 (12%)
Price Disclaimer


7.      Collapsible 3 Way Cat Tunnel

Give your cat hours of entertainment and exercise with this fun, collapsible 3-way cat tunnel. Featuring a variety of “bells & whistles,” it’s the purr-fect playground for high-energy felines! You adore your cat, but let’s face it: you don’t have a lot of time to play with him during the day. Luckily, with the 3-Way Cat Tunnel, your kitty can entertain himself for hours! This unique play toy is three spacious tunnels in one, giving your cat more room to roam, pounce, and hide than other single tunnels.

Unique details like a peephole and swinging bell toy crank up the fun for your feline. One of the tubes is lined with crinkly/crackly material that your cat will find irresistible! The rugged steel frame helps maintain the tunnels shape over time, with covered ends to keep your cat safe from pokes.


  • Collapses into a compact size, so it’s easy to take the fun with you anywhere – whether you’re dropping Fluffy off at the sitter’s or traveling cross-country.
  • Best for play with 3 spacious tunnels, built-in crinkle crackle paper, peephole and bell toy, gives your kitty more ways to have fun and hours of exercise and self-amusement.
  • Durable material made of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a sprung-steel frame with protective ends (for safety);
  • Can stands up to bad cat scratcher antics.
  • Portable can ensure your cat is not bored by carrying it along for road trips.
  • Most interactive fun cat toy as its elastic and stable for any cat game.
  • Rates 4.6 in Amazon.



8.      Cat LED Chase Interactive Toy

We all know our feline friends can sometimes be curios and love chasing other animals. This cat led chase toy will be great for their chase movement. Buy this toy and enjoy the pleasure of teasing your cats and dogs as they run around to touch the light.

It is fun as it keeps your pet busy for hours chasing with this pointer. You will be amazed your cat can play with it the whole day. It’s a good way to let your cat do some exercise! Quick delivery, great product and fun interactive toy for your cat!


  • Great for Cats and Dogs, can provide exercise and endless fun.
  • Interactive led pointer training pet toy.
  • Emits 3 kinds of shapes: mouse, fish and the footprint of the dog. The light of mouse and fish are white, the footprint is blue.
  • Using LED projection out all sorts of shape, secure and harmless to you and your pets
  • Suitable for indoor use and the optimal projection range is about 1 m
  • Convenient: It’s adjustable, detachable, and convenient to carry and keep. You can take it to any place, clip it or collapse it to your backpack, purse.
  • Rates 3.5 in Amazon.



9.      Pet Buddy Treat Toy Mat

Don’t feel guilty leaving your pet at home alone, spoil them with a pet buddy treat toy mat, ideal for cat, puppies, small and medium dogs. Spread you pet’s favorite healthy soft treat over mat surface which will sooth and calm your pet through licking. Keep your pet entertained with tasty treats. Enjoy small treats without overfeeding. Stimulates saliva to aid digestive health.

The pet buddy treat toy mat is a challenge/reward based treat delivery system that engages pets over a long period of time while only delivering small portions of their favorite treat. As much as it is a toy it can also be used to easily administer your pets’ treats.

They are designed to deliver a medical free way to promote calm behavior in your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like storms.

All the products are designed to be filled with the dogs favorite treat, it can also be frozen to extend the period of engagement and promote fresh breath, healthy teeth & gums.


  • They help to stimulate saliva to aid in digestive health as your pet lick the treat.
  • Ideal for cat, puppies, small and medium dogs.
  • Keep your pet entertained with tasty treats.
  • Spread you pet’s favorite healthy soft treat over mat surface which will sooth and calm your pet through licking.
  • Good for regulating feeding: Enjoy small treats without overfeeding your pet.
  • Perfect for runny treats like yoghurt or gravy.
  • Comes in various colours.
  • Promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums for your pet!
  • Rates 4.8 in Amazon



10.  Tail Cuddler Cat Toy

Watch your cat attack, wrestle and snuggle with their tail cuddler cat toy. The unique toy appeals to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey.

The tail cuddler cat toy cuddles enticing fabric brings scratching adventure to a whole new level.

The toy is well made and has stood up to a lot of abuse without any ill effects. Its offers fun and mental stimulation as your cat tries to figure out whose tail it is wrestling with.


  • Good for exercise as your cat wrestle and snuggle with their tail cuddler cat toy.
  • The unique toy appeals to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture Prey.
  • Its unique fabric brings scratching adventure to a Whole new level and allows your cat to be adventures and not to scratch your furniture.
  • It is lightweight making it easy for your cat to attack and bully around.
  • Rates 4.3 in Amazon.



Your cat may have a few toys that are his absolute favorites which can help in his exercises and mental stimulation. We all want our cats to be healthy at the end of the day, we can use toys listed above or our favourite cat wheels to burn out extra calories. Sometimes, seeing a toy that hasn’t been around for a few days can create new interest for your cat.

The interactive toys above should be used for scheduled playtime to maximize activity, bonding and fun. In reality your cat still need love, attention and a lot of activity to stay happy. Just because you have to go to work every day doesn’t mean your feline friend has be bored while you’re away. These toys can keep them busy, get some and make your feline friend happy.