Best Cat Exercise Wheels 2021

The Exercise cat wheel is used to define your cats’ body movement by making his muscles work and is good as it burn excess calories keeping him healthy. Your cat need physical activity as being active has been shown to have many health benefits, both physically and mentally. It will help your cat live longer. The exercise cat wheel  improve your cats’ mood and decrease feelings of depression, anxiety and stress which may occur sometimes. These exercises eliminate stress and anxiety and make them more relaxed and calm.

The running wheel can be placed directly on the ground for pet play, can be moved around or stationed somewhere convenient in the house to increasing the fun for your pet for regular exercise. We have come up with the best cat exercise wheels that will improve your cat wellbeing health wise and emotional.

5 Best Cat Wheels

1.      Cat in Motion Wheel

To ensure your cat is active and running daily the cat in motion will do the trick, as only a few cats are nowadays still running free ensure your isn’t one of them. This results to lack of movement which leads to weight problems. Impeller are very popular with most cats.

The spine-friendly design of cat in motion wheel ensures good use as a training and playing device for your cats.

Comes in anthracite or dark grey colours with numerous features for your furry friend ranging from open design for extra safety, robust and lightweight construction, and minimal running noise thanks to ball-bearing rollers, secure grip due to high-quality EVA foam and easy care materials and construction for easy cleaning. Yet to be reviewed.


  • Open design for increased safety.
  • Robust yet lightweight construction.
  • Minimal operational noise thanks to ball bearings.
  • Secure hold thanks to running surfaces made of high-quality EVA foam.
  • Easy-care materials and construction for easy cleaning.
  • Measurements (WxDxH): pprox.. 131 x 31 x 144 cm Weight: pprox.. 12.2 kg



2.      One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Do you have an energetic cat? If yes, the one fast cat exercise wheel is an awesome product and high quality and will help your cat expend pent up energy. It can offer your feline friend exercise even when you are not at home. A lazy cat can have health issues like obese and heart diseases which can cause you stress. Cats need to release their pent up energy and this wheel will keep your cat active running and not doing mischief.

The run surface is made from a closed cell EVA foam to help prevent claws from catching and allows your fur friend to run naturally using their claws for safe footing. Due to its great design, it rolls smoothly on the wheels and is very stable with no wobble keeping your cat steady.

Made from recycled plastic, it is both sturdy and lightweight for ease of moving it around your home. Your pet is important and getting a wheel for its daily workout shows that as you have its wellbeing in mind.

The open design allows your cat to enter from either side and once your kitty has got used to it, he or she will develop a natural running rhythm. Rates 3.4 in Amazon USA with 371 positive views. Rates 4.5 on Ebay UK.


  • Suitable for cats up to 11.4kg.
  • Stable on both carpet and hard-floors.
  • Quick home assembly.
  • Four wheel cover accessories included.
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Lightweight as wheel diameter: 122cm Tread depth: 23cm Base: L86.5 x W30.5cm


3.      Energetic Cat Wheel for active cats

With the energetic Cat wheel, your cats will be in cloud nine, awesome feeling. This is among the most popular product among legions of cat lovers, especially owners of energetic breeds. It’s perfect for cats who like to spend a lot of the time in the house or live close to busy roads, letting them exercise indoors safely.

The cat wheel is built to allow entry from either side, they can hop in, hop out, and burn off a few calories at their own pace even if they miss their daily work this wheel will have done it for them.

Its solid construction is built to withstand even the most energetic little fellows! Make it fun during your bonding time by teasing them in there with a little toy or a laser pen is a great way to get them started.

. Its design allows for the wheel to go as fast as your cat wants to run and can slow down fast when your cat is ready to stop. It’s even big enough for up to three cats to use at the same time.

Build with medium density fibreboard to keep your feline friend comfy on the run. It is firm, strong and durable and will keep your cat entertained for long. we have not tried this product,it is yet to get a review on Amazon UK.


  • Spacious can accommodate three cats at a go.
  • Made with medium density fibreboard that will keep your furry friend safe while running.
  • Speed can be moderated by your cats.
  • Firm, strong and steady to withstand your energetic feline friend.
  • Measurements: Wheel: 120cm(Ø) X 35cm(W) / 47.24″(Ø) X 13.78″(W) Base: 90cm(L) X 30.4cm(W) X 26.2cm(H) / 35.43″(L) X 11.97″(W) X 10.32″(H).
  • Weight: Wheel: about 12.5 Kg /27.6lb Base: about 11.5 Kg / 25.4lb.
  • Double entry for easy access for your cat.


  1. The Maclaw wheel

If you love style and custom made cat exercise wheel which is handcrafted, this wheel is ideal for you. It will suit your cat personality as it is expertly hand created in high quality furniture grade birch plywood and finished in a choice of mahogany, medium oak or antique pine wood stain and will blend well with your home décor.

This wheel ensures your cat has a greatest running experience as it was created with your cat in mind. It smooth surface ensures a wonderful springboard effect when in use that’s made for smooth walking or running by the cats’ weight. It has a perfect weight balance that allows even the smallest kitten to use it easily.

If you have multiple cats this wheel can accommodate them side by side comfortably with its’ wide running surface. The steady balance ensures the cats have control of how fast they are running.


  • Attractive designs that your cat will love and blend well with your home décor.
  • Wide running surface which allow two cats to use the wheel comfortably side by side.
  • Easy to clean due to rubber surface which is also durable.
  • Unique as it is custom made to suit your cat personality.
  • Sturdy construction can bear weight up to 12 kg pet.
  • Protect your cat spine fully as it is spacious with its 48” diameter wheel.
  • Turning mechanism has safety covers incorporated in front and back for your pet protection.
  • Stable wooden structure designed to give springboard effect for cats that like to sprint.


5. Catswall Catwheel II Cat Exercise Wheel

Enrich your cats’ life with the new and improved design Catwheel II from Catswall Design which is great for indoor cats and active cats, helps them to burn off excess energy and keep fit.

It has an aesthetic design that blends well with your home décor. It is steady and has a wide running track which can hold the weights of 3 cats running side by side without wobbling and reduces running noise while your cat sprints on it. The new big wheel design ensure increased stability and protect your cat spine from injury as it runs. It comes in different colours and is easy to clean, you just need a damp cloth.


  • The wheel comes fully assembled so your cats can get going as soon as it arrives.
  • Wide running track allows up to 3 cats to run side by side.
  • Easy wipe mesh track, just need a damp cloth.
  • Aesthetic design that fits into your interior and looks like a work of art.
  • Available in different colours.
  • Cat movement on the wheel involves every organ system in the body; up to 99% of the skeletal muscles and their bony structures ensuring good health holistically.
  • No assembly required, it comes fully assembled.
  • Good for Arthritis or injured cats to strengthen their bone structure.


Price Disclaimer: Buy from EBay

Your cat does not have to be a natural talent! Please note that most cats may need several weeks of training each day to build up the necessary confidence and to learn how to use their cat exercise wheel which can also be used as a training device for running. Our advice and the key to success is quite simple patience with your feline friend. Cat Wheels are unique way to maintain health and activity level for your cat, I definitely recommend trying one out!

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