9 Best Cat Enclosures For Your Feline Friend To Enjoy Nature

When we acquire a pet one of the biggest thoughts you have is around their safety. Outdoor cat enclosures can be a great gift for your cat to offer them the outdoor experience and allow them to experience natural envirnoment without restricting too much of their movements. We all read about how nature brings the best in us so do our pets.

Pet enclosure can be the best way to keep your cat safe and off accidents. The greatest benefit you get from a cat enclosure is security and isolation that can let your cat play and exercise without the risk of harm or injury. If you live near a heavy traffic road with speeding car, then pet enclosure can reduce the risk of losing your cat and if your cat is always running out of your sight why not supplement the safety of your cat by monitoring their whereabout using a tracker when roaming outside. A cat enclosure can be a useful spot to exercise your cat with toys and equipment like a cat wheel and scratching posts.


Best Cat Enclosures

  1. VivaPet Outdoor Cage Pen

VivaPet Outdoor cage pen is desgined for both indoor and outdoor use and because its highly galvanised and also nylon base, its waterproof characteristics make it ideal for loads of small pets from kittens and cats, puppies, rabbits, chickens, guineas etc,. It has an octagon shape and therefore, it doesnt feel crumped or boxed in. Its highly portable with with foldable walls and can best be utilised as a play and sleep travel pack. The waterproof nylon base keep the pen dry and cover good for shade when the weather is sunny.


2. BIGWING Style Pet Play Pen

This product is rated 4.0 by Amazon and just like VivaPet, its travel friendly, light in weigth, and you can rest well with Bigwing pet play pen to provide a safe space for your cat. Material used is a durable 600D Oxford with a grid design that good for ventilation of out pets.


3. FeelGood Galvanised Cage

FeelGood galvanised cage is large, sturdy meaning it can hold strong even in bad weather which is a positive. Although it has a simple design, this galvanised cage can be placed anywhere and thus making it good for travellers. This cages comes with a roof (UV stabilised polyester fabric shade) while the wire mesh latches firmly to one another making the house sturdy. The cage is lockable and additional features include a base poles making the structure rooted and safe for your cats to play in.


4. 4wire Catio

The design of this enclosure screams quality with unique features like a fourteen stair design that makes it perfect for multiple cats, no more fighting for hierarchy in the cat scratching post. More fresh air for your cats as you can also some cat safe plants to make it homely and also plant around the run to blend well with your garden. You can add upto 3 shelves and its design makes it easy to assemble, you can add a roof shade, and the sturdy wire adds to the good quality design and worth the investment. This product is rate 4.3 in Amazon.


5. Bunny, Cat / Playpen Enclosure

This 55″ rabbit /cat play pen blends comfort, functionality, convenience and most importantly safety making it not only useful indoors but alos outdoors with plenty of space for small pets to enjoy some great outdoor space. The structure is made from strong steel giving it a sturdy feeling with one of the 8 panels opening used as a door. The playpen is foldable and light making it compact and easy to move when travelling.


6. Portable Pet Playpen

This portable pet playpen is nice and snug and fits well in tiny spaces and makes it great for use whilst travelling with your cat. All you need is a blanket to keep your cat warm and to top oit up, its mesh windows are great for summer as they keep mosquitos away. This portable playpen has plenty of room for even two small cats with full zipper protection on the front door and a ventilated roof.


7. Cat Enclosure Tent Bed Kennel Foldable

This cat enclosure will is pocket friendly and doubles up as a kennel and a bed making it great for camping with your cat and enjoying outdoor activities on the beach, park, even just in your garden whilst enjoying a BBQ with family and frinends. Its easy to install because of its simple design and washable. Rated 4.4 in Amazon.

If you prefer a large play pen why not check out the:-


8. Large Catio pet run enclosure 

9. Pet Enclosure Dome Tent  


As a pet owner you want an enclosure that is easy to operates, the folding procedure should not be complex. You do not want to spend agonizing moments assembling and disassembling it! At the same time, it must not be heavy if you travel a lot with your pet.

When shopping you want a great option when visiting family and friend’s place, beach, or when traveling with your cat hence light cat enclosure will be best for portability issues.

A Catio / Cat lean is perfect for letting your house cats safely explore your garden. It gives them a means of exercise and to play and enjoy life if you prefer this. With a Catio it will be easy for your cat to access it through a cat flap or a window making it easy for you too. The Catio’s are secure so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your cats are safe and can enjoy being outside in the fresh air without you.

In our article above we have explained best enclosures to keep your cat or multiple cats safe when outdoors. Highlighted also are several designs of wooden outdoor enclosures which offers cats a retreat on the upper level designed with different perch platforms, to provides ample space for your feline friends to indulge in outdoor activities and not fight for hierarchy supremacy in a cat tower.

Please note that even the strongest play pen cannot contain wild or rowdy animals, therefore please ensure your pets are trained before using the pen and care should be taken to ensure animals do not break free and hurt themselves or others. This is especially important when you are initially introducing your pet to the play pen, as they may not be used to being confined in an enclosure.