Best Cat Backpack Carrier 2021 Review

Cats are independent and adorable creatures and may not want to be restricted especially in backpacks and carriers. Regardless one needs to safely transfer them comfortably no matter what kind of cat you might have.

Some cats enjoy the warmth and security of being held, but others may feel restrained. Cats are generally self-sufficient, and they value their personal space, hence you can find them relaxed in cat towers at home.

Moreover their lovely eyes and fur makes them inviting creature to cuddle and hold. To safely transport your cat around consider a less anxiety method that will not give him stress.

When planning for vacation or work trip you can decided to carry your cat along. First decide if it is you transporting him or a pet relocation service. Importantly opt for the one that is less stressing to your cat and still safe and comfortable.

A cat backpack carrier can comfortably transport your cat to the vet, to the airport, or during hiking.

In addition when choosing a carrier that is right for your cat consider the size, quality, airline approved, and if it is easy to carry.

Thing to consider when buying a Cat Carrier

  • Size

Ensure the backpack is the right size. It should be large enough for your cat to turn around inside. You can buy a carrier in a pet store or online.

  • Material and durability. 

Look for backpacks that are durable. Heavy-duty packs are generally made of ultra-strong high quality material, strong straps, and breathable material.

  • Waterproof 

Waterproof bags are the way to go because what good is a bag full of soaked interior making it uncomfortable and unsafe for your cat?

  • Capacity

Another thing to consider is the bag’s capacity. You want something that can fit most of their cat essentials. On that note, a backpack with several compartments is generally preferable for treats, snacks, and leash for your cat.

Here is our best pick of cat carrier backpacks after taking into consideration value for money, comfort and your cat safety.

Fat Cat Backpack Carrier

  1. Pecute Cat Carrier Dog Backpack Expandable

This Pecute cat carrier is a cat favorite because it has room to fit every feline supply on that endless list (put water, purse and phone in there).

Furthermore it is made of high-quality oxford cloth, waterproof, anti-scratch, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating, let your pet breathe freely and relax.

From home to the vet, airport to the airplane, this super-versatile pack is known for its impressive extra capacity and ventilated-clad construction. Particularly, the three-sided acrylic sheet design can provide good light transmission.

The backpack is durable and it won’t fall apart in the middle of your journey.


  • Built-in retractable hook safety rope with anti-escape zip to prevent pets from escaping.
  • Environment friendly high quality backpack for my cat.
  • Reinforced bottom for extra durability.
  • Padded bottom panel and lumbar support for all-day comfort.
  • Padded, adjustable, ergonomically curved straps.
  • One deep water bottle pocket and pooch.
  • Has an adjustable shoulder pad to help reduce load and increase comfort for both you and your cat.
  • Has enough ventilation and can be unzipped on top for good visibility for your cat.

2. PETLUVER Airline Approved, Cat Backpack for Large Cats

Our all-star Petluver Airline Approved Pack just continues to evolve, yet the basic design remains the same as ever, with clean lines, smart organizational features and unbeatable quality.

Known in the list of best backpack for carrying large cats and has been rigorously tested in our labs and by the toughest testers of all – Large cats.

No more struggles to fit your large healthy cat into a carrier anymore.

The Space capsule design makes it a hiking pack and an everyday cat carrier bag. You’ll appreciate the strong buckle, which will keep some of the weight off your back when carrying your cat.

Not only, is it comfy for outdoor activities with your cat but also your cat is able to enjoy sunshine and the beautiful scenery.


  • Airline Approved Pet Carrier Large Space for 22 lbs.
  • Has 9 ventilation holes keeps cat comfortable with enough air.
  • Large and futuristic bag great for outdoor activities like hiking, mountain climbing.
  • Has a snap hook inside to keep your cat safe.
  • The entire exterior is waterproof and scratchproof to protect the cat from getting drenched on rainy days.
  • Easy to open front zipper to let your cat take in the air on walks as you carry him.

Airport Approved Cat Carrier Backpack

3. Mogokoyo Airline Approved Cat Dog Backpack

Your feline friend will love this adorable ventilated head out design which ensure they breathe freely as they still enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Made of durable, healthy material with mesh windows, adjustable straps and inside hook design, they will be totally obsessed.

The side pockets are perfect for holding and storing all of their catty essentials from leash, water bottle, extra snacks and whistle.

The heavy-duty backpack has reinforced lining to prevent rips and tears prematurely throughout the year.


  • Doubles up as backpack and front pack for your cat.
  • Has a ventilated head out design allows your cat to enjoy enough air and scenery.
  • Roomy compartment and your cat is comfortable inside the carrier.
  • Airport approved carrier.
  • Great for outdoor activities, for instance, hiking, air travel, camping, mountain climbing.
  • Padded and adjustable comfy straps.
  • Easy to clean lining.
  • Recommend weight from 4.5 to 6.8 kg.
  • Side pockets for snacks, treats and cat essentials.

Cat Carrier Front Backpack

4. Dulcii Pet Carrier

Dulcii pet carrier is all about long-lasting durability and irresistible shape and cuteness.

Your little feline companion will feel right at home with this friendly space bubble inspired backpack. The outer fabric shell of the backpack is designed to last through all that your cat life with a breathable hemispherical transparent cover which helps ease pet anxiety.

Sigh of relief to pet lovers who like carrying them in any weather. Say, “So long!” to mysterious, liquid-soaked backpacks with Dulcii’s high quality oxford cloth and high density acrylic material, scratch-resistant backpack.


  • Can carry to Maximum load of 13KG.
  • Doubles up as you can wear the backpack either on your back or in your front.
  • Made of high density acrylic material, outer waterproof and scratch proof backpack.
  • Best choice for travelling, walking, hiking, hang out as your cat enjoy the scenery.
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry with its space shape design.
  • The straps are gentle on your shoulders and will not strain you.

5. Matein Top Opening Cat Carrier Backpack

Exceptional backpack that’s good for your cat and for the environment made with eco-friendly polyester material.

The simple design is perfect for your cat with its large space for your pet to stay comfortable.

Indeed, the interior is equipped with a firmly reinforced structure to keep your cat safe inside.

Comes with two entrance where your cat can pop his head out and still interact with him while carrying him.


  • Can hold weight of up to 18 lbs. as its dimension is 17 x 13 x 11 inches.
  • The pet carrier has two entrances which make it possible for your pet to stick his head out.
  • Side pockets provide room for storing leash, water, snacks etc.
  • Comfortable to carry as it is equipped with extra thick padding, which help to relieve the burden of your shoulder and back.
  • Easy to clean as the pad inside is removable and washable.
  • Double up as backpack and also front backpack as you wish.

Cat Carriers Puppy Backpack

6. Petcomer Cat Puppy Carrier Backpack

While style and function are high on the backpack-feature must-haves list, you want to also prioritize a quality backpack that’s designed to go as easy on your puppy.

Petcomer Cat Carrier Backpack is not only designed to be as comfortable and durable as it is but cute and stylish.

The Semi-sphere transparent window design, can be changed mesh window in summer.

Alongside this, the puppy cat carrier backpack is made of Canvas which is more breathable than other materials, 3 holes and air mesh panel for ventilation.

Comfortable with a soft pad inside for your cat to relax and sleep.


  • Built in security leash to prevent the cat from escaping.
  • Waterproof surface and scratch proof.
  • Padded shoulder straps that distribute weight making it easy for one to carry.
  • Breathable holes ensure your puppy has plenty of air while inside.
  • Perfect designed for you walking outside with your lovely pets safely and comfortable.

7. HAPPY HACHI Cat Carrier Backpack for Small Dog

This is a great bag for socializing your puppy, he can sleep or just lay down in it as you travel. It is well padded on the shoulder strap for comfort and nice and deep for a puppy to feel safe and secure.

The material is great, very robust, warm and waterproof. If your dog is really tiny then you can put a blanket in to keep her comfortable.

The side pockets on this cat travel backpack make it convenient for you to carry other travel or pet accessories. Ideal for walking, traveling, outdoor.

I simply love the built-in traction which stops him from jumping out. It is very spacious for our kitten as well and sits very comfortably on my shoulder. An excellent buy.


  • Double up as a backpack or travel bag.
  • Fit for small pet animals as it can hold pets under 7kg/15lb.
  • Built-in traction clasp prevents the pet from escaping.
  • It has a breathable mesh window to give your cat enough air while inside.

Foldable Cat Carrier Backpack

8. Petsfit Foldable Pet Carrier Backpack

Petsfit is known for its tough products and cat carrier backpacks are no exception.

The cat backpack comes with safety strap to secure your pet and prevent escape.

Easy to store as it is foldable with a padded interior to keep your cat safe and comfortable.

If your feline friend is ready to saddle up with a no-games backpack that will actually last, this is the one.

Simple in design, with four mesh windows for ventilation and visibility on the sides.


  • Perfect pet backpack for dogs/cats or pets up to 15 pounds.
  • Well ventilated cat carrier backpack.
  • Lightweight making it easy to carry.
  • The backpack comes with a safety strap to secure your pet and prevent escape.

Transparent Capsule Cat Backpack Carrier

9. WuLi77 Pet Carrier for Dogs and Cats

This stylish backpack comes in a range of colors. It features easy to open and close zippers, a large compartment for your feline companion.

In addition, has a net pocket on one side for a water bottle, snack and the other side opens up as an entry point for your cat.

Not only, does Wuli77 cat carrier has enough capacity for your small cat and is suitable for cats weighing 6.5 kg and dogs 5kg.


  • Transparent allows your cat to enjoy the beautiful scenery and sun.
  • It can be a cat carrier backpack or a dog carrier backpack.
  • Recommended for cats weighing 6.5 kg while dogs 5 kg.
  • Great for traveling, riding, walking, sightseeing, camping, hiking or trips

Expandable Transparent Cat Carrying Backpack

10. SOURCER Expandable Transparent Cat Carrying Backpack

The uniqueness of the design: its various arts that are made of different colors that easily attract a cat and cat owner. It brings on a spirit of imagination and fashion that your catty friend will love.

Sourcer backpack provides an expandable back panel to be a giant tent bed for your furry friends to enjoy outdoor time with nature and sunshine well without feeling stuffiness in the backpack.

Made of non-toxic eco-friendly material, it’s lightweight and easy to clean.

It comes with adjustable padded shoulder straps to offer comfort and support. Along with this, it has a chest buckle strap that stabilizes the cat load for maximum comfort.

The backpack is recommended for cats weighing from 0-12lbs and small dogs from 0-10lbs for free movement inside.


  • Has 9 hole gives your cat enough ventilation.
  • It can be carried as a backpack as well as a travel bag.
  • Easy to carry with an adjustable chest buckle for comfy travel while enjoying outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight and super wear-resistant shell perfectly against biting and scratching by pets.

 Final Thoughts

Thinking about our cats and dogs, the pets that we spent a lifetime with for a quarter of our lives.

They become our most important friend and we want to take them everywhere, especially when hiking, camping, mountain climbing or just walking.

With a cat carrier backpack, this is possible as it makes the trip safe and comfortable.