9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Feline Friend

If you haven’t already started getting in the festive spirit, let us remind you – two months to go! At Buskerscat HQ we really do love Christmas time and this year our newly adopted cat Bella will be enjoying her first Christmas in her new home. We are excited to include her in our Christmas gifting this year, so what are we going to buy?!

In years gone by we have enjoyed treating our cats to tasty Christmas treats, toys and comfy beds. But this year we’ve scoured the market, been inspired in store (a change from doing ALL of our shopping online in 2020), and of course done a lot of ‘Googling’ to produce a list of 9 Christmas gift ideas that we think any cat will love.

From budget to budget-busting, we hope you like what we’ve come up with.

#1. A Luxury Cat Bed

It goes without saying that cats love to snooze. Quite often I have found that cats tend to snooze somewhere other than the perfectly adequate bed purchased just for them. So is there a cat bed my princess would like to sleep in?

Well, cats do love to be warm. And if there was one bed our cats always loved, it was the radiator bed. Simple design, plush fabric, hung over the radiator and we have a winner.

This deluxe version comes in black, grey and off-white, and the faux fur is temptingly soft and luxurious. The metal frame is collapsible for storage, and the cover is machine washable, so it is practical too.

If there is one bed to tempt a fussy feline, let this be it.

#2. A Tractive Cat Tracker

Here at Buskerscat we’ve been busily reviewing cat trackers for the last couple of years, and we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the best on the market.

Take a look at our full review of the Tractive Cat Tracker to find out why we think it is such a good performer. GPS cat trackers can help you find a lost cat, while also monitoring her activity and giving you peace of mind that you can keep tabs on her whereabouts.

Just having a cat microchipped doesn’t allow you to accurately search for her when she’s lost. A cat tracker can. Set virtual ‘fences’ to alert you when she is straying away from a safe area, and get live tracking updates every 2-3 seconds until you’ve located her.

The Tractive cat tracker utilises GPS, as well as bluetooth technology, and sends location data to an app on your phone using the best available mobile phone signal. For this, an inbuilt SIM card is included and a small monthly subscription fee will be required.

For peace of mind this Christmas, a cat tracker is a fancy bit of tech that’s worth having.

#3. Cat Treats

For a simple yet delightful treat this Christmas, a stocking full of Dreamies will no doubt keep puss happy all holiday!

Suitable for cats and kittens over 8 weeks old, Dreamies treats are deliciously soft on the inside and have a crunchy exterior.

This stocking contains five 30g bags of chicken, salmon and beef flavour treats.

#4. A Cat Tree

We recently invested in a cat tree for our new cat Bella, as she happily slept and played in one when she lived for a while in the RSPCA cattery.

If you need an alternative scratching post to your sofa, a cat tree is a great idea. Generally they include several sleeping spaces or platforms, with supporting columns wrapped in sisal. This is really food for getting claws into and Bella uses hers ALL the time. Money well spent.

For a spot of luxury, have a look at this wooden cat tree. It looks like a great blend of functional meets furniture. More of a ‘cat castle’, with a two tier cat house making up the main part of the piece, with plenty of climbing and scratching areas. To top it off, an acrylic ‘nest’ for your cat to lounge in, makes a super-cool addition to this brilliant tower.

#5. A Cat Water Fountain

Cats often prefer running water to a water bowl. Do you have a cat that pops up whenever you run the tap? Well we did and to begin with it was a bit of a surprise!

To save our new pet from drinking water from places we’d prefer her not to (yes, the loo), we bought the Catit original water fountain.

Water fountains are great because not only do they produce an enticingly constant flow of water, but they include triple filters to help purify and soften harder water which can cause urinary tract problems in cats. The filters also catch dirt and debris, keeping the water fresh. With a 3L capacity, cat water fountains can supply ample water for several cats, and cost very little to run.

Have a look at our ‘new cat checklist’ if you want to know what else we bought our new cat Bella.

#6. An Automatic Feeder

We don’t spend a lot of time away from our cat, but recently her early morning MEOWWWWS for food have got us thinking…if it’s not a child getting us up early, its Bella waiting for breakfast!! Perhaps an automatic feeder might give us a few minutes extra peace..

The other use aside from avoiding an early wake up call, is perhaps the more obvious one of being able to time feeds for your cat while you are away from home, at work or a night away for example.

This CatMate two bowl feeder is pretty low-tech but super practical and features 48h quartz timers and an ice pack to keep wet food fresh. You can link the two bowl lids together to sync opening, for example if using the feeder for two pets being fed at the same time, or keep them separate to feed one pet at two different times.

The lids and bowls are easy to remove and can be put in a dishwasher.

There are a lot of options for automatic pet feeders, and if you are looking for dry food feeders you have a wealth of choice. Feeding wet food does limit the options somewhat and to a shorter time period due to the potential for food spoilage, but this CatMate feeder comes very highly rated and just what would be needed for spending a slightly longer period away from your cat.

#7. A Luxury Collar

These luxury cat collars have won awards! The only collars to win a ‘Cat Friendly’ award by International Cat Care, a UK registered charity dedicated to the health and welfare of our feline friends.

The collars have quick release clasps, with a patented buckle. The straps are made of smooth silicone which is also light weight and water proof. It is also hypoallergenic and doesn’t fray. The cat collars are therefore exceptionally safe to wear, yet the multiple stylish colourways can rival any other collars out there!

Personal favourite? Bermuda..pink candy striped with a silver fish detail, a purrfect gift for a gorgeous girlie like Bella.

There are two collar sizes available, which should suit most cats and kittens, check the size before you buy.

#8. A Personalised Food Bowl

A quintessential Christmas gift! A beautiful ceramic bowl, personalised just for your beloved pet. This particular bowl style we chose for a simple elegant printed paw design, and two size options.

Choose from a range of pretty colours, and if you buy two you can choose to add ‘food’ and ‘water’ to each bowl too.

The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. These come highly rated and although a little pricier than a standard food bowl, these beautiful bowls are worth the bit extra in our opinion!

#9. A New Toy

Never have we had such a playful cat as Bella! Her favourite toy by a long way are these simple yet super fun feather toys on a ‘fishing-rod’ style retractable wand.

With interchangeable feather and ‘worm’ attachments, the colourful variety keeps Bella entertained on a daily basis, and with 10 to choose from she doesn’t bore of seeing the same toy all the time.

Great value for money, perfect idea especially for indoor cats who need a bit of stimulation and exciting ways to exercise!