5 Ways to Clean and Control Cat Hair in the Home

Cat hair can get everywhere, so it’s important to know exactly how to keep it under control in your home. There are two main parts to the process, which are cleaning the hair and also learning how to try and minimise it. This quick and easy guide will show you five of the best ways to achieve both, and in record time.

How to Best Eliminate Cat Hair in Your House

#1 Get a Good Vacuum Cleaner

This is so important when you live with furry friends, because a good vacuum cleaner can be the deciding factor between a hairy home and a clean home. You want something that can deal with pet hair effectively, and without getting clogged easily, as well as a vacuum cleaner that is able to lean furniture and upholstery effortlessly. There are loads out there, as well as some excellent guides to help you pick the right one.

#2 Clean Their Bedding Regularly

It’s amazing how much hair and dirt gets stuck to pet bedding, and this is often where you will find the highest concentration of fluff. Vacuuming and washing their beds on a weekly basis can do a world of good. It leaves your kitty with someone fresh and comfy to sleep in, and also removes a massive source of hair from your home. Just make sure you vacuum it before it goes in the washing machine!

#3 Brush Them Regularly

Cats do actually enjoy being groomed, and it can be a great way for the pair of you to bond further with each other. Brushing your cats on a weekly basis (or daily if they have long hair) can reduce shedding because you are getting all the loose hairs out for them. You can do this with a brush, or an excellent grooming glove.

#4 Give Them Good Food

Sometimes, their diet is to blame. A good food that is full of nutrients and low in nasties like wheat, grains, and ash, can actually help to reduce shedding and allow your feline friend to grow a beautiful and soft coat. Their food should contain high meat and protein levels, with as little of the artificial stuff as possible. It’s amazing how much junk gets thrown into pet food, so why not break the cycle?

#5 Hide Your Work Clothes

Isn’t it awful when you get dressed for work, and it’s covered in cat hair? Yes, it is. There is a great way to tackle this issue, however. When you get home in the evening, run straight to your room, get dressed, and hide your work clothes in a wardrobe or a room that the cats don’t go into. By hiding your work clothes, you are protecting them from the hair and fluff that they desperately want to cover it in. Change into some lounging clothes and go cuddle them in those. You can also rub a lint roller over your uniform each day before you leave.

To Conclude

The little things make all the difference, something we hope this article has shown you. Just washing their bedding and vacuuming regularly can make all the difference when trying to free your home from hair and fluff. We love our cats, even when they are shedding unbearably, and minimising that fluff can make life much easier for everyone. Let us know how you got on with these handy tips and tricks, and if you and your cat benefitted from it.