Here are 10 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets

Unlike dogs, cats have numerous reasons for being great pets. Most pet lovers choose between cats and dogs.

Even so, we find a few with others pets like rabbits, hamsters, and reptiles depending on their preferences.

If you have been a dog owner it might be hard to believe cats can be great until you get one. Furthermore, cats are adorable, loyal, playful, and independent just like their furry friend but better.

Cats can make the greatest pets due to the following reasons below.

1. Cats are Independent

Separation anxiety has no hold on cats as home cats are semi-domesticated.

Subsequently, the cats can be left alone for longer and make ideal companions even in an apartment.

Unlike dogs that can bark loudly continuously due to separation anxiety, cats will just relax and meow until you get back home. Even the highest meow will not disturb the neighbours. Undoubtedly, cats are less likely to destroy things in the house when left alone even when you go to work unlike dogs with separation anxiety.

To keep your cat busy while you are away you can get him a scratching post, toys for fun, and play.

2. Cats are Clean

Cats love to groom themselves and mostly lick their fur and do not need constant cleaning like dogs.

In addition, being indoor animals you will not find the cat dirty. Unlike dogs, cats stay indoors longer, and the possibility of him dirtifying himself through fighting or playing in mud is hard.

They are happy and clean pets and lick their paws and coat to keep them in top condition. Once in a while, you might need to brush them in case of a flea infestation.

3. Cats are Ideal Pets

With their adorable faces, great behavior, and playful personality cats make the ideal pets.

Cats do not need regular bathing as they are mostly indoors. You can give them a flea treatment or bath when dirty from outside playing.

You do not need a big space for a cat as they can fit comfortably in an apartment.

All the cat might need is food, water, play toys, bed, attention, and care and he will live happily indoors.

Cats are communicated easily, if they are not purring, you can check the body language. The cattail can tell you when the cat is happy, aggressive, sick, bored, or just relaxing.

Moreover, cats are quiet pets and will not meow loudly compared to dogs that can bark loudly and disturb neighbours.

4. Cats are Quiet

Cats can keep to themselves, one might think they are bored but it is their nature to be quiet and relaxed.

Notably, cats love to snuggle in warm places and cuddle. Unlike dogs that love walks outdoor, suffer from separation anxiety cats are more laid back and great companions.

5. Cats are Trainable

Obviously, with a litter box cats are much easy to potty train compared to dogs. Keep the litter box in a convenient quiet place that the cat loves for bathroom breaks.

Be patient and keep the training short, fun, and constant until your cat gets it.

Cats may also want to go outside and due to the numerous dangers try to keep them safe. Dangers that cats face are mostly: diseases, injuries, and attacks from dogs or other animals, being knocked down by a vehicle, toxic plants, and confiscation by animal control, etc.

We care for our cats and would not want anything bad to happen to them, this can make us want to keep them indoors forever.

Despite this, when taking them outside put a leash on them to restrict movement. Also, get a tag or let them be microchipped for ease of recovery when lost.

6. Cats Love Indoor Spaces

To be happy the cat doesn’t need to go outdoors. All her needs can be met indoors from training, potty training with litter box exercises with toys and a cat wheel.

To also bring the outside experience indoor for your cat you can have a cation or cat enclosure without endangering them with an attack from bigger pets.

Additionally, install a perch at the window sill and let your cat enjoy the sun rays while indoors.

7. Cats are Low Maintenance

As well as that, cats do not need to be walked constantly outdoor as they love being indoors. Being self-cleaning pets cats save you time and money to clean them or take them to a professional groomer.

You can also train your cat indoors with potty training and scratching issues. Apart from this, get a scratching post for him this will prevent him from scratching furniture, carpet, and curtains.

Cats need care although they are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs which need companionship, walking, training.

Clearly, this doesn’t mean they do not need that human interaction, in fact, some cats may need more care. Ensure your cat has a comfortable bed, plenty of food, toys for playing, and your attention.

8. Cats Keep the Home Clear from Pests

Cats are generally hunters and can feed for themselves. It should be noted, these traits keep pests like rodents away from home.

Train them not to eat the hunted pests as they could be sick or get internal worms. Cats are mostly indoor pets but sometimes can go outside through the cat flap and hunt.

9. Cats Have Fewer Expenses

Cats supplies, cat food, toys, adoption fees, vet expenses are less expensive compared to dogs. It might be due to their small bodies their expenses become less, unlike dogs.

You do not have to engage a pet sitter for them when going away for a few days.

Ensure to leave enough food, water, and litter boxes for the bathroom breaks.

Cats do not suffer from separation anxiety hence can stay at home alone while at work or on a trip you do not need to pay a sitter to check on them.

10. Cat Purring is Beneficial

A cat’s purring could actually be therapeutic.

Research has shown cat purring frequencies are similar to ultrasound therapy that can be used to help people with pain, edema, and muscle growth to name a few.

The cat purring is beneficial to both the cat and the owner and unlike dogs cats live longer.